The Man In The Gray Flannel Suit

Gregory Peck at his best. Jennifer Jones at her best. Awsome, wholesome, gripping tale of the horrors of war, marriage and life.


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  1. love all the old films when character and the human condition were played out in a way that gave the spectator an imagination to perhaps watch the film many times. Most action movies lack substance and films in the modern era just can't do it like this .

  2. 2:41 "i dont know anything about public relations, who does ? but you've got a clean shirt and you bathe once a day, that's all there is to it" thats because 'the public', including you reading this, are stupid sheeple. hahahahahahahaa 4:10 better stop at the drug store, i'll pick up a present for her

  3. I recollect a different movie I think also with Gregory Peck (or maybe not) that a man returned to Italy and find out that he has a son.
    later he sponsored his son and son's mother even though he is married he helps them
    During this movie, I thought that it is the same flick.
    maybe somebody will help me to find out the title

  4. One of the regular members of my Workings Mens Club had nasty surprise when arriving home from several years overseas duty in the RN . Discovered that his wife had a kid , and he wasn't the father. This must have been very common during the war . An Aussie aircrew member said that on his trip to the USA about 25 American officer nurses were all going home pregnant.

  5. Complexed subjects, deep plots, and developed main actors makes an interesting movie. No car chases, no sex, no blood simply layers of thoughtful dialog. So many things to think about, good, bad and all interesting.

  6. "All of a sudden, I'm ashamed of you !" The man has acquired responsibilities, Dammit ! He's no kid – he HAS kids. He understands that "chance governeth all". She makes me furious !

  7. Don't blame Hollywood. It's a commercial enterprise – not intended as "Art". They make what sells – and what sells is fights and car-crashes. Shakespeare knew it: "Sex and violence" sells !

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