The Black Rose (1950) Directed by Henry Hathaway. With Tyrone Power, Orson Welles

After being forced to flee England, the disinherited youth Walter von Gurnie (Tyrone Power) joins the army of General Bayan (Orson Welles) and moves on to China…


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  1. A cracking old vintage gem !! ???? They don’t make ‘em like they used to ! Thank you for letting a new generation see what quality movie-making is truly about: an excellent screenplay, poetic language, chivalry, patriotism and the greater good.

  2. Cécile Aubry was a French film actress, author, television screenwriter and director.

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  3. I love the Mongal guy though of course it was or is racist. Still, I am sure such people as these have strange and wonderfully interesting ways to live their lives. I grew up with National Geographic Magazine and the people of the Steppes, Afganistan? have an incredible horse riding game were they ride around trying to obtain a goat skin. Not unlike our progenitors the seed of Greek Democracy and England, our Avalon, the game of Rugby? From my humble, retired Merchant Marine position that is. Your prodigal sons the USA.

  4. I saw this movie as a kid, two times in TV. I liked it, but never remembered the correct title or actors. I couldn´t find in the internet. Now i found the movie accidentally. A great movie.

  5. if this movie were to be made today in this way , it would cost over a billion dollars – if it could even be done , which I doubt !

  6. I watched this movie when it was aired on television in early 1962 and I remember being enthralled by it. At the time I wondered if it would ever be possible to see it again.

  7. I saw this when I was 9 or10 . Of course not a very discriminating eye then I thought it was great. Watching it now I Can’t help but think Tyrone is to old for it. He is middle aged & playing a youth. Would have been. Different in 1936 . This would have been better for Jeffrey Hunter or Tab Hunter or Dirk Bogarde . They made the same mistake casting him as Larry in the Razors edge in ‘46. The only parallel in that one was his having flown during the War. I think Tyrone’s greatest limitation was being miscast by the studios. But of course that’s just my opinion
    Thanks for upload Henry

  8. Wow, never heard of this one; the internal struggles of Power's character seem oddly relevant to a lot of current issues. Really enjoyed it, thanks for uploading!

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