22 Replies to “Prince Of Foxes 1949 Tyrone Power, Wanda Hendrix & Orson Welles”

  1. Welles is spectacular as the maniacally wicked Cesare Borgia, formidable yet alluring. This film is impressive on many levels, artistic direction, stellar acting, an unpredictable script, stunning set and locations, detailed historical costuming, intense action scenes etc. it's one of my favourites.

  2. Excellent movie! Tyrone and Orson are so glib and scheming you just don't know who to root for. LOL! I love Everett Sloane as the conniving backstabber Belli – he has a face that could jump right out of a 16th century painting. Wanda Hendrix delivers a wonderful performance as the innocent and compassionate ward/wife of Felix Aylmer, who is just great in everything. It's a well-written story, beautifully scored (if a little treacle), but all in all, emotionally satisfying. If you haven't seen this, stop and watch it now!

  3. 1:00:00 -a few. The confrontation of alter-egos, stated clearly as B12 vs B18 civilization. Here a Jack, after a lifetime of preparation to become the Giant, in a confrontation of base civil avarice, and enlightened and enduring Goodness.

  4. 7:21 — I just recently finished watching "The Black Rose," with these same two leading actors. In TBR, as here, Welles' character is a cunning, unscrupulous, power-hungry conqueror. And in TBR as here, he sees violence as the natural way to get what one wants. 
    He also both times questions whether the other "has the stomach for" something. In TBR it is violence and aggression; here it is "greatness"–which kind of works out to the same thing in his mind.

  5. Excellent! Tyrone Power in one of his great swashbucklers. I love your videos for the quality prints that they are. More people need to like and subscribe to your channels. It's well worth it!

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