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Bonanza – Episode 08 – The Phillip Diedesheimer Story – The mines in Virginia City aren’t safe. The depth and width of the silver veins can’t be supported by the current form of timbering. When a mine collapse occurs in the Ophir Mine, Adam works with his good friend and mine foreman, Gil, to investigate.

The Phillip Diedesheimer Story
Director: Joseph Kane
Writer: Thomas Thompson
Stars: Lorne Greene, Pernell Roberts, Dan Blocker
Genre: Western
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 31 October 1959 USA
Filming Locations: Paramount Studios – 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA

The mines in Virginia City aren’t safe. The depth and width of the silver veins can’t be supported by the current form of timbering. When a mine collapse occurs in the Ophir Mine, Adam works with his good friend and mine foreman, Gil, to investigate. The Ophir owner, Andrew Holloway, has also hired an engineer, Philip Diedesheimer, to look into it. While in the mines, another collapse occurs trapping Adam and Diedesheimer and killing Gil. The two survivors are even more determined to find a solution. After much thought, and some arguement with Holloway, Diedesheimer comes up with the square set. It requires a lot of timbering, but has many advantages and nearly guarantees safety. But due to the additional lumber, none of the mine owners are interested and even accuse Adam of trying to find a way to make more money. But not one to sit back and accept defeat, Adam, Hoss, and Diedesheimer proceed to install the new square set in the Ophir. They test it by setting off a dynamite explosion near by. Unfortunately, all the mine owners have entered the mine to look at the new system. When their lives are saved because of the square timbering, they all agree to invest in the new system.

“This is a really good episode about a middle-aged man who’s cold heart started to warm. Andrew Holloway was pretty proud of himself. He headed a silver mine and no longer had to go down in the mine and he had a daughter who was engaged to his foreman. But all this came crashing down when the cave in happened.

This episode isn’t merely about a cave in. It’s about what happens to a person as they climb up that social ladder. No longer do you see your workers as people. Instead, they are just empty faces – numbers. The miners that died got no sympathy from Andrew Holloway. His daughter, who had a lot of feelings for mankind, was appalled that the only service given to the families was a box of groceries.” […] Written by mitchrmp on


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46 Replies to “Bonanza – The Phillip Diedesheimer Story | Episode 08 | WESTERN | TV Series | Classic Movie”

  1. That was SO BEAUTIFUL what Hoss said: "I talked to God and he told me i am just gone have to keep on living". Such wonderful messages in Bonanza!! When Writers had Faith, Morals and Values.

  2. People died allot in mines hundreds of years ago. In a town of Monroe Ma they were putting a railroad tunnel threw a mountain. It is almost 5 miles long. Approximately 180 people died putting that tunnel threw. It's called the Hoosac tunnel. Safety was not well thought of hundreds of years ago.

  3. I watched that movie where Hoss was talking about today. The man she was planning on marrying was having people murdered in order to get what he wanted. She left him to face his crimes and she went away. Hoss didn’t know that she had only two months to live. She told Hoss that when she came back a year later she wanted to go to that special place that he had told her about. He said that he would take her there and they could get married. She just loved ???? him so much she couldn’t bear ???? to tell him that in two months she would be dead. It was one of the saddest movies ???? that I’ve ever seen. Imitation of Life and Roman Holiday starring Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck were two others although I think Roman Holliday takes first prize as the saddest. ????????

  4. There is a mining land and it's a story about a miner Phillip. Many people died in the mines when they were working there and at last the problem was solved. Hoss Cartwright helped in this matter. Wonderful story. Awesome episode. Cowboys. Western Classics.

  5. This is the only western that piqued my interest in doing research on all sorts of topics. Actors, historical facts like this episode, possible vs implausible actions or outcomes for all sorts of things. I look up information for something on every episode. Thanks and blessings for sharing! ????????????????

  6. The story of Philip Diedesheimer was also shown on "Death Valley Days". I'm grateful for these historical presentations. I'm catching up with the "Bonanza " series, as I was in college at that time. Thanks for showing them; I'm really enjoying your channel.

  7. I see R G Armstrong, the ice cold heart who has no care for the men he sends into danger in the mine. I think he performs as well as Bruce Dern has in any part he played such persons. I must remind myself that it is a film because this very kind of man lives everywhere in our nation…& this story is historically based re the man who made the mines safer. Adam excels in here, with Hoss too. Armstrong character truly made me almost sick! Oh, the evil ones that exist.

  8. It is the first western series I ever watch so close family nets, after almost 63yrs it still feels fresh ,watch worthy, entertainment full. Thanks guys.

  9. Adam Cartwright the son of Ben and Elizabeth Cartwright just hang in there Adam. You have alot of your late mother in you boy-o. And you're Ben Cartwright's eldest of three sons. Adam you have your mother's strength and smile. I know you're trapped inside that timbering mine shaft right now but think about your father Ben and your little brothers Hoss and Little Joe Cartwright. Hoss is at the mine now meaning that Cartwright fighting strength plus Hoss is strong like his mother Inger was. And if anyone can rescue you and Philip then Hoss can. Because he's like you Adam and Little Joe he's a Cartwright.

  10. I can understand the mining companies’ reluctance to use the new bracing system due to high initial cost, but if it worked to prevent cave-ins it would obviously save time and expense by preventing down time when cave-ins occurred. I would think that the businessmen would at least consider that as part of the equation.

  11. What a real eye opener to life itself….such touching words especially from Hoss…???? I wish people were more like them in the real world…
    Adam looks gorgeous in this…????

  12. Sorry to have to inform you ma’am but with a deep heart your husband was killed in a mining accident. However here is a bag of groceries as compensation

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