31 Replies to “Finger of Guilt aka The Intimate Stranger (1956)”

  1. Other good Basehart films are The House on Telegraph Hill, Cry Wolf, Repeat Performance and Titanic. As others mentioned, Portrait in Black and He Walked by Night are excellent too.

  2. Baseheart was enjoyable in "Moby Dick" .Call me Ishmael….That problem he has with that stalker would be taken care of in H.wood.In two weeks she would conveniently suicide by shooting herself in the back of the head twice.Or by drowning in the desert .

  3. Losey is pointing the Finger of guilt at the deep state. His third film under a pseudonym, was released under the more tepid title of The Intimate Stranger in England. Finger of Guilt was for the US release. The ending with the spotlight tracking on the spook is glorious. Like Nicholas Ray Losey never made a movie that’s wasn’t significant and masterful in some way. Well maybe Trotsky is the exemption.

  4. Probably a little late to thank you for this fine film, I had it on my "to watch later list" for a long time and watched it just last night. I should have watched it sooner. Tx.

  5. Not a spoiler! I thought I had it figured out several times, and I was wrong. When it was almost over, and the villain was identified, and the method by which the villain was "caught" , well watch it thru, if you can get past Basehart draggggging out the last word in every other line. Enjoyed it , Thank you!

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