Topper (1937)

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George (Cary Grant) and Marion Kerby (Constance Bennett) are a young, happy-go-lucky couple who love to party. But after a car accident kills them both, they discover that they haven’t done enough good deeds to earn a trip to heaven. To remedy this problem, they decide to help their old uptight boss, Cosmo Topper (Roland Young), live a little.


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  1. A classic.
    Great actors, director, & story.
    Imagine a movie now where a female star gives the male star a glimpse of her lingerie but the view is unavailable to the audience. Such decorum.
    Thank U so much.
    Many Blessings to All πŸ™ πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  2. TIDBITS/Connie Bennet was born on 22 Oct 1904 – 24 July 1965. Shortly after finishing "Madame X", Miss Bennet collapsed & died of a cerebral hemorrhage, at the young age of 60. Her husband, Brigadier General Coulter & in recognition of ALL her military contributions, Miss Bennet was buried in Arlington National Cemetery Cemetery. Miss Bennet & her two other sisters, Barbara & Joan were considered to be three of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, but Connie was thought to be the most talented & beautiful. The car driven in this movie was a 1936 Lincoln Model K. It was sold in 2010 for $132,000.

  3. I love movies from the 30's to the 40's. They have a certain look & feel to them that you can't replicate. The women, so stylish. The gents, so debonair. And the sets and music gorgeous.

  4. Somewhere Tomorow's Plot (Great Movie From 1983 With Sarah Parker) Revolved Around The Plot Of This Movie. If You Don't Know What I'm On About You Should Watch It, It Really Is A Great Film. And Best Of All Its On Youtube. πŸ˜‰

  5. Is there anything more gorgeous than Constance Bennett dressed in a white silk bias cut gown? Gives new meaning to the word "svelte". Is there a word for happy jealousy?

  6. 28:32 designed on a 1936 Buick Series 60 chassis and then later underwent a Chrysler chassis and drivetrain update along with exterior styling changes. Featuring Cord (exhausts) and also from the Graham (shark-like front end).

  7. What's with the strange little munchkin voice the blonde is using? I can barely understand a word she's saying. Giving up at 28 minutes.

  8. This movie is much more spiritually accurate than today's horror films. According to honest reports of encounters, ghosts actually have manifested in their life forms, and demanifest in a second. in some famous old establishments, people have actually spoken with-what they thought were actors-only to look back in a second and see them gone. It is beautiful to see ghosts accurately depicted in a light-hearted comedy, rather than strongly grossed-up in stupid horror movies.

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