One Step Beyond – 1 – 22 The Riddle

On a trip through India, a married couple encounters a beggar who seems to be different from all the others they’ve seen–the husband is convinced that this particular beggar is trying to kill them.

I am building a wiki that will archive all the One Step Beyond episodes that are in public domain:

This is one of my favorite shows and lucky for you the company neglected to renew the copyright. So since this show is now public domain there have been a lot of different versions floating around and a lot of (mostly unofficial) DVD releases, but here are two I can recommend: (has great picture quality, but only a few episodes)
and (has the most episodes but poor picture quality)

One Step Beyond is a little like Outer Limits or Twilight Zone etc. only that their stories are based on events that are said to be true (and they even did documentaries too) so they where truly one step beyond (-;
Of course you have to watch this show with an open mind and don’t take it too seriously either – if the show manages to make you think a little – that’s good enough (-:
Also i will of course not upload all episodes and mainly focus on the episodes that are not already on Youtube.

Produced shortly before the more well-known Twilight Zone, this series fed the nation’s growing interest in paranormal suspense in a different way. Rather than creating fictional stories with supernatural twists and turns, this program sought out ‘real’ stories of the supernatural, including ghosts, disappearances, monsters, etc., and re-creating them for each episode. No solutions to these mysteries were ever found, and viewers could only scratch their heads and wonder, “what if it’s real?”

OSB Season 1 22


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  1. Plenty of POC for extras, but they couldn't find 1 for Kumar the old man and had to resort to brownface? I get it, but it really stands out nowadays.

  2. When the train conductor says that Kumar doesn’t understand about classes, it was somewhat ironic considering that India has so many classes of its own.

  3. 9:00) what help can he be,when already, his spoken four,labeled,and tagged, for being a nonsense! The man can't even defend himself, when accusations are arriving to the constebul (police) if mission wasn't there,maybe things could be DANGEROUS. CRAZY ATTITUDE YET ON TOURISTS BEHALF, AND ECONOMY, EVRYTHING SHOULD BE POSITIVE, AND FRIENDLY, SO THAY CAN REMEMBER TO VISIT WITH GOOD CHEER,AND MONEY, FOR MANY REASONS AND TIMES AS POSSIBLE. TAKE CARE OF THEM,SO BLESSINGS ALL AROUND MOBY?) FARMERS ARE PISTOFF ! BE GOOD TO SOMBODY.

  4. The drug-promoting DOCTOR should have given him SOME WEED to reduce his stress… INDICA… INDIA… CANNABIS CAME TO THE AMERICAS FROM INDIA… IT WAS NATIVE TO INDIA so I know they used the natural herb more than the DRUG-PUSHING DOCTORS… He was a WHITE DOCTOR promoting only PHARMACEUTICAL POISONS but since he lived there, weed would be so common it would seem like he would offer its immediate effect. Stress induces heart-attacks, not CHOLESTEROL. You've been lied to since you were born. SMOKE WEED, DON'T DRINK POISON, or TAKE DRUGS.

  5. An alcohol-drinker would no more SMASH 1/3 of a BOTTLE OF BOOZE than a STONER would THROW THE LAST OF THEIR WEED AT HIM… TV is written by nonsensical script-writers paid to fill their quotas w/a limited time-frame and almost every movie isn't worth watching. I'm glad I never paid for TV or watched much and haven't in the last 9 years because they offer NO FREE PBS where I now live.

  6. “The Riddle, Season 1, Episode 22, aired 16 June 1959. Warren Stevens as Leonard Barrett, Bethel Leslie as Betty Barrett, Barry Atwater as Mr. Graham, Patrick Westwood as Kumar, Arthur Batanides as Constable Gaisingh, Leonard Strong as the Conductor, John Newland as Himself-Host, Rama Bai as Piari.

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