33 Replies to “September Affair (1950)”

  1. A difficult subject – a love affair – treated very thoughtfully and decently. The selfishness of deception is examined without any moral sermons. Superlative performance from Fontaine, one of the most beautiful actresses ever. Cotten is very good, too. Wonderful b&w photography, screenplay & DIRECTION

  2. It was a love that was doomed at the very beginning as the man was married. Living in a deception and pretending they're dead won't make relationship lasts. It's a sad story. Though he loves her it was just making her escape from the boredom of his work, his wife, and life. He'll never totally commit to her. The lady deserves a true love from someone single. It was a good decision she made.

  3. Historical fiction. Safety is advised. Listeners/Readers/Viewers discernment and discretion is advised. Recreation or cloning of videos should include safety measures, and or disclaimers by default.

  4. wonderful movie, too bad it has the wrong ending………social commentary of the era, you can cheat but you'll end up unhappy.

  5. Good movie but he should have went home and faced his problems, and his lover calling his wife selfish was just plain ridiculous, especially when she purposely left out what his son said about him, talk about being selfish.

  6. What a TREASURE !! Mille grazie for posting this lovely film and ode to a bygone Italy. My parents were lucky enough to visit it and the rest of Europe way back when (1961) when it was still enchanting, charming and cultured. Sadly, those days have disappeared.
    FUN FACT: During college to study art, I stayed in a pensione in Florence that is visible in the shots (from the couple's villa) overlooking the Arno and the Duomo. Happy memories.

  7. Old black & white Hollywood movies have always been my favorite even as a kid in the 1960s & they still are. Old Hollywood & Old B & W British Mysteries make me very happy! 😊 ❤ ❤
    Thank You!

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