Boris Karloff’s Thriller – The Devil’s Ticket

Season 1 Episode 29 1961 , Hosted by Boris Karloff , A artist “pawns” his soul to the devil and must retrieve it by painting a portrait of another person whose soul will be exchanged for his. The teleplay for this episode was written by Robert Bloch, well known to genre fans as the man who penned the novel on which Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho was based.
Written by: Robert Bloch , adapted from his own short story
Directed by: Jules Bricken
Starring: MacDonald Carey , Joan Tetzel , John Emery , and Patricia Medina
Original Air Date: April 18, 1961


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  1. That moment …. when he realizes that he loves his wife…when he smiles back at her.makes you want to forgive him and hope that he "wins". Love that moment.

  2. I love the background music to this episode, thanks so much for posting good treasure memories of Mr. Karloff Thriller stories..l love his series!!!

  3. great to see oldies like these/ but on a differant note i can never understand how the people who spend millions on art can justify it when threre is millions in poverty and need and one picture could build a hospital you get my point and i do appreciate art they are called the elite sommin not right is it ??

  4. This was the first one of these I liked. I have been trying to get into them because I always like Vincent Price and The Twilight Zone yadda yadda, but until this episode, I just didn't get why people loved these so much, but this one was pretty good.

  5. If this dude doesn't paint the Devil's portrait I'll have to ask for my money back!
    Actually, paint two in case that doesn't work. I'm almost afraid to see the ending, but here goes…

    …oh DAMNIT stupid comedy of errors in reverse and I am so FRUSTRATED AAARRRRRRGGGHH!!!! Great episode by the way!

  6. To be fair, in this deal, he can get off easy. Just think of someone who is just a waste of air and a piece of utter crap. Paint them, done. This has got to be the easiest deal with the devil that I've ever seen. But sheesh what an ass. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘
    Though I did laugh my butt off when the mistress slashed the picture. What did he think would happen? "bUh MaH mAsTeRpIeCe." Do you honestly think she gives a crap? 🀣

  7. Thankyou for uploading these I've been looking around for these for ages. I love Boris Karloff's emense talent in all the work he did he was such an amazing actor and brilliant performer. I so miss the brilliance of actors of his talent that were at the top of the horror movie game in this time and the amazing way they could scare you with just well placed shadows and brilliant makeup. No bad actors and CGI when actors had actual talent and spoke clearly and properly. No swearing , no slang , no inappropriate behaviour , no half dressed actresses. This is why I miss the style and quality of these classic shows and movies. They never grow old or out of style and will have fans as long as they can be seen somewhere by someone who loves classic perfection of the best of acting in real horror movies all worth your time… And you want to watch them more than once when you do. How can't you love Boris Karloff', Bela Lugosi , Lon Chaney Sr and Jr , Vincent Price , Peter Cushing and all the other emensly talented actors and actresses of that time . May they have a great place in the stars of heaven. I hope they know how much their still so loved by newer and newer generations of fans . I found their talent at age 14 and now at 46 I'm still such a big fan of not an even bigger fan. My grandpa got me started watching these movies he was a big fan too. I miss him too now he's gone. I will never stop enjoying these talented performers and their movies and tv shows . Classic horror is the best horror.
    Chriss from London,UK.

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