Boris Karloff’s Thriller – Late Date

Season 1 Episode 27 1961 , Hosted by Boris Karloff , A man is framed for his lover’s murder, but the actual murderer is overwhelmed by a desire to confess.
Edward Platt, well-known for later playing The Chief on TV’s Get Smart, turns in a notable performance as the husband of the victim. The episode is based on a story by Cornell Woolrich, a writer whose personal life was almost as bizarre as the situations he dreamed up for his fiction. Another Woolrich story, “It Had to Be Murder,” was the inspiration for Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film Rear Window.
Written by: Donald S. Sanford , from a story by Cornell Woolrich
Directed by: Herschel Daugherty
Starring: Larry Pennell , Edward Platt , and Steve Mitchell
Original Air Date: April 4, 1961


46 Replies to “Boris Karloff’s Thriller – Late Date”

  1. I’m at the beginning!! I’m thinking???? Hmmm? Blame it on the “Sid”, the boyfriend!!
    Act like they just got home and found her like that!
    I guess I’ll know more as I finish watching it?? LoL

  2. The punishment for lateness should be death – l agree. The number of times l have waited for people to turn up for dinner dates coffee meetings even friends joining me on hol at the airport ITS A BIG PART OF MY LIFE I WILL NEVER GET BACK (perhaps its something deeper l havent sussed) 🤔 anyones views ?

  3. Hard to believe people giving these great dramas thumbs down, I have been watching many so far and seems to be getting way too many thumbs down, really shouldn't get any!!!!

  4. This is one of the screwiest shows I've seen in years. The whole rug thing, the phone call at 21:00 … crazy. Whoever wrote this thing must have also done the casting. LOL

  5. Thanx loads!!! Love Boris Karloff, big fan of his movies. From the 30's on up. Watched Thriller when I was a little kid. And I was afraid of the dark, Lol. Thanx, brings back great memories. Bring more horror!

  6. Nobody in that police station would believe that the old dude could pull that off! Then his "brother" would be in jail cuz old dude has a conscience over a woman who has been cheating on him? Get serious!

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  8. Phenomenal music by Jerry Goldsmith. Reminded me of his percussive score for Chinatown. The story was like a comedy of errors but made it more realistic that way. There's always the unexpected to deal with. The ending felt forced by the production code of the time.

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