Boris Karloff’s Thriller – Papa Benjamin

Season 1 Episode 26 1961 , Hosted by Boris Karloff , A composer in need of inspiration turns to Voodoo melodies, but finds himself the victim of a Voodoo curse by Papa Benjamin. This episode is based on a story by Cornell Woolrich, a writer whose personal life was almost as bizarre as the situations he dreamed up for his fiction. Another Woolrich story, “It Had to Be Murder,” was the inspiration for Alfred Hitchcock’s classic film Rear Window.
Written by: John Kneubuhl, from a story by Cornell Woolrich
Directed by: Ted Post
Starring: John Ireland , Jeanne Bal , and Robert H. Harris
Original Air Date: March 21, 1961


37 Replies to “Boris Karloff’s Thriller – Papa Benjamin”

  1. okay…why would he play that thing AGAIN!!!! He is STUPID. He know what will happen she knows what will happen why would he STILL play it!

  2. ‘Imagine what you could accomplish with a pin and a doll shaped like someone you’re not fond of…’.
    Nothing like inciting people to cause harm or murder. Sorry Mr Karloff. But you’re bang out of order!!

  3. If you like John Ireland, don't miss him onscreen when he runs afoul of Cyd Charisse in 'Party Girl". Won't spoil it for you, but let's just say a hairbrush (!) is involved.

  4. I fell in love with John Ireland when he played Jack Burden in 'All The King's Men. Then saw him in Spartacus. He went on to work a lot in tv and film. Finally, years on… opened a restaurant, with a kind of eccentric bohemian clientele. Fascinating guy.

  5. Be careful, very careful if you going to mess with voodoo. Best to stay away. Its dangerous! The music was wonderful. It sounds lonesome of the exotica music from late 50s and 60s.

  6. For all of you People who cannot accept there is a spirit world and there is no God, Angles, Satan, Demons, Heaven and Hell, you better re think that. I am from New Orleans, and I know for a FACT Voodoo is 100% real and so is Witchcraft. I could and probably will write a book about the supernatural things that have taken place there. See, Hollywood "fictionalizes" the truth; this way when People who come out and expose these things (and Witches know very well it's going to happen) 99.9% of People will believe it, and accept what others are trying to tell them. And it's worked like a "charm" ( pun intended) because most do not. This is the most unbelieving, apathetic, demonic, degenerate society that ever existed.

  7. I didn't like it. So many people don't know voodoo is harmless. It's hoodoo that's evil, in New Orleans we know the difference! And yes hoodoo is very evil and can do great harm. But this show was silly and very inaccurate.

  8. This episode of Thriller make you think about the rhythms and beats that musicians compose in music. Sometimes, artists can go too far with trying to discover brand new rhythmic sounds….tampering with the religion of Vvirology, which is known as "voo-doo". A important lesson for individuals, that not everything is profitable or to gain riches. A TRUE HORROR… can't make this 👹GdDm@#%! up.

  9. This story was originally produced by ESCAPE! The Classic Radio Radio Series (four times, in fact) starring Frank Lovejoy. I have a restored and remastered version of it uploaded.

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