Boris Karloff’s Thriller – The Ordeal Of Dr. Cordell

Season 1 Episode 20 1961 , Hosted by Boris Karloff , In a lab mishap, chemist Dr. Frank Cordell is exposed to an experimental gas that causes him to turn into a homicidal maniac when he hears the sound of ringing bells.
Written by: Donald S. Sanford
Directed by: Laszlo Benedek
Starring: Robert Vaughn , Kathleen Crowly , and Marlo Thomas
Original Air Date: March 7, 1961


45 Replies to “Boris Karloff’s Thriller – The Ordeal Of Dr. Cordell”

  1. So I'm wondering why the women didn't hit the exhaust switch immediately…she waited to be told. My hubby would say cuz it's needed for the plot. I just have a hard time with how women were always portrayed as unable to think , screamed at the drop of a hat, fainted easily…were woman like that and tv imitated life or was it because it was a man's world? Or maybe both.

  2. This is one of the few out of this series that I just didn't care for; not terribly creative in its story, and the acting is pretty ho-hum. Also, as someone already pointed out, it's practically the same as "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde".

  3. He should have turned himself in to the doctor hen he realized he had killed the parakeet, certainly after he suspected he had murdered the first young woman.. His allowing two young women to die and almost a 3rd was due to his selfishness and an over blown ego.

  4. That detective made me laugh and roll my eyes when he was asking about why the killer took the girls earring instead of a scarf or something more personal. The writer must have had a hard time with getting to a point to question the earring. Jewelry is a perfect trophy for a killer to take. Just seemed an odd thing to say.

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