Drama “The World Accuses” 1934 Classic American Old Movie Full Length and Free

Hello! Here’s a mid 1930s Melodrama I think you will enjoy…
It is with (adorable, and great little actor) Dickie Moore, Vivian Tobin, Cora Sue Collin, Paul Fix, Harold Hubber, Jamison Thomas, Mary Carr, and others.
This is a Chesterfield Production Directed by Charles Lamont.

A nicely put review was written on IMDb:
“This movie has a bit of the quality of the many movies adapted from Saturday Evening Post or Collier’s magazine short stores. It is tidy, neat, and well paced, with a satisfying resolution in a manner that makes such films (and stories) pleasing but not amazing.” (Thank you, Catherine)

I try to upload movies that are worth watching, so give it a try and let me know what you think!

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10 Replies to “Drama “The World Accuses” 1934 Classic American Old Movie Full Length and Free”

  1. I'm going to watch it if, for no other reason, I am older, a sentimentalist, who enjoys quality copies of older movies that feature the actors before the movie starts. Want to know something? I probably will be most pleasantly surprised. I often am.

  2. I really wish movies like this would return. They had so many wit and charm. They are definitely worth having… I mean not all movie like this lol but definitely some.

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