22 Replies to “The Good Die Young 1954”

  1. Policial noir lançado no Reino Unido de origem pela Independent Film Distributors no dia 2 de março de 1954, e distribuído mundialmente pela United Artists. Exibido no Brasil como "Os bons morrem cedo".

  2. ……..great old movie…. good story ..nice plot… lots of twists and turns….. a little.. like life …..moral in the end……. yeah.. the kind of stuff dreams are made…, of right?… I'd like to make movies like this….. maybe I should…… you think??…….

  3. Great movie with its many twists, turns, and emotional pathos. It was a well thought out story-line. Joan Collins was a real doll then too. The only thing I found curious were those odd camera glitches. I've never seen the like of it before. Overall, it was still a great movie.

  4. Great acting by the 4 main men. The writing was very good in showing all the major personal problems they were going through. From the first scene you could tell Rave was an arrogant prick. Didn't know he was that twisted though. But his father did call him out on being a twisted individual.

  5. Atores de renome, americanos e ingleses, mas êta filminho chato. Eu só o assisti até o final por causa da beleza jovem de Joan Collins, antes de migrar-se para Hollywood.

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