“Behind Stone Walls” 1932 Classic Movie Old Full Length Free Film Movie

Hello! Here’s a early 1930s Drama for you to watch. Hope you enjoy this movie 🙂 I think you’ll recognize at least a couple actors/actresses from other Classics you’ve watched. It’s an interesting story. (“…like a woman scorned!”)
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Edward J. Nugent as Bob Clay
Priscilla Dean as Esther Clay – Cheating Wife
Ann Christy as Peg Harper – Bob’s Girlfriend
Robert Elliott as District Attorney John Manson Clay
Robert Ellis as Jack Keene – Man-about-Town
George Chesebro as Druggett – Blackmailing Butler


5 Replies to ““Behind Stone Walls” 1932 Classic Movie Old Full Length Free Film Movie”

  1. I watch these old movies all the time. I just love them, but this was the Worst movie I have Ever seen! Alot of things have to be overlooked in these old films, usually in the legal vein. Procedures that are way out of line, etc. Things that never could've happened the way depicted, but that's tolerable. The bad acting in this film is only eclipsed by the Awful dialogue! 'There is a law, above the law' LOL! Oh my goodness. Just the WORST! Thanks for sharing. I laughed through most of it. Lol!

  2. Good story. Back in those days of filming, they used very little background music. That is something that takes getting used to, but those silent moments still don't interfere with the storyline or the abilities of the actors. This lack of appeal may be one reason why some find these films dull, they lack "sensationalism ". We've been spoiled today from all the added stimuli added to the movies we watch now. We all must remember these older films are the 'pioneers' that eventually evolved into the fantastic acoustics & the great visual/high definition effects we are enjoying today! I personally appreciate watching these old films for their initial contribution! It's like loving your great, great grandfather for his contributions to society from his era!

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