SLIGHTLY HONORABLE, 1940, Full Movie, Cinetel

A decent lawyer, John Webb (Pat O’Brien), known by his tremendous crusade against corruption is charged with the murder of a young and famous woman by an unscrupulous politician, Vincent Cushing (Edward Arnold), who only seeks the lawyer’s destruction. Seeking to clear his name, John will try to find the real murderer, who is closer than he thinks. In his quest, he will be assisted by his friend, Russ Sampson (Broderick Crawford), and a night club singer (Ruth Terry). Directed by Tay Garnett.


Lon Chaney Jr in THE SHADOW OF SILK LENNOX (1935) Full Movie

Lon Chaney Jr plays a gangster, John “Silk” Lennox, who is trying to play it straight running a nightclub. Silk is doing a bit of the old work on the side and is forced to kill a henchman when he tries to run off with his latest cache of loot.

This is one of the many early “Creighton Chaney” films that were re-badged “Lon Chaney Jr” when he became a star. Directed by Ray Kirkwood.


Unforgotten Crime (1942) FULL MOVIE

Stars Dennis O’Keefe, Ruth Terry and Gloria Dickson.

An advertising man, who sponsors a radio program based on the exploits of an old time safe cracker decides to promote a competition to find the real safe cracker, Jimmy Valentine. Valentine is tracked to a small town, but which of the respectable elderly residents is the former criminal?

Re-release version of the 1942 Republic programmer “The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine”. Originally a 72 min feature it was condensed to 53 Minutes for re-release in the early 50s. Neither the original version or the edit (both containing 1942 copyright notices) were renewed and entered the public domain in 1970.