20 Replies to “The Westerner 1960 S01E07 Treasure”

  1. this is real stupid , the sheriff was out on the street nowhere near the punks scary knife ,
    what stopped him from runnin ?
    21:25 had the feelin the sheriff shoulda jumped up and kicked the punk right in the mouth as he was yappin shit
    then he steals the sheriffs horse , hangin offence

  2. just leaves his horse @ , doesn't take the saddle off ???
    it kinda bothers me that this guy leaves his horse but calls for the dog , doesn't make any sense at all
    even if he brought his horse round the rocks it woulda got some shelter ,
    dogs're good buts whats this dog do for a cowboy 100 mi from nowhere ?

  3. a conscience and  upbringing are hard to outrun,this show is amazing,i missed it as I was very young when it came out,and had to cut the lawn

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