Devils of Darkness (1965) William Sylvester, Hubert Noël, Carole Gray | Full Movie, Subtitles

He’s a Vampire with a Cult Following.
A secret vampire cult, which has its headquarters beneath the town cemetery, searches for victims for its human sacrifice rituals.

Original title: Devils of Darkness (1965)
Director: Lance Comfort
Writer: Lyn Fairhurst
Stars: William Sylvester, Hubert Noël, Carole Gray
Genre: Horror
Budget: £110,000

00:00:00 Introduction – full length movie
00:07:43 Title credits
00:09:03 The hotel
00:14:36 Deadly caves
00:17:22 Gypsy prediction
00:30:50 Cult meeting
00:41:50 Swingin’ 60s party
00:51:28 Research
01:01:12 Telling scotland yard
01:10:02 Night visitor
01:19:24 Final ritual

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48 Replies to “Devils of Darkness (1965) William Sylvester, Hubert Noël, Carole Gray | Full Movie, Subtitles”

  1. The party scene reminds me of a party I attended at a loft in Greenwich Village New York, in the early 80's. I met Andy Warhold there. The wine, conversation and company was really cool!

  2. It reminded me of my mothers death there was rage and hatred many people around me died a d i was hated by the whole village even chased away by my own peolple i thought now i live lonely..all alone..

  3. Grande clássico , ainda bem que tem legendas em portugês … preciso estudar ingles para melhor entendimento ! No demais ótimo filme ! ????????????????

  4. Thanks ???? for these uploads iv been catching some interesting films good writing cast & atmosphere. There seems to of been quit a trend of either pagan or vampire films

  5. 1950’60’70’s created some great atmospheric films , here in the U.K & the USA together we really produced some classics

  6. Decent 1960s horror movie. Watched Dr Strangelove a few weeks ago and became fascinated with Tracy Reed which brought me here. She was quite the quintessential 1960’s babe.

  7. Glad when people upload old and somewhat hard to movies. Despise when they find the need to add a watermark. Just makes me look for the movie elsewhere.

  8. Whatever happened to Carol Gray. After the huge success of The Young Ones with Cliff Richard in 1961-63, one expected to see a lot more of this girl with the striking green eyes. A top-class dancer, her "umbrella" dance in the The Young Ones was a major highlight and drew raves. She also sang with Cliff the number "Nothing's impossible". Her voice may have been dubbed. Very light on her feet and subtle, one expected to see more musicals from the 60's featuring Carol. Sadly, there were none. I was surprised to note her name in this vampire cult movie.

  9. I have to say I love the * 1965 * of this movie. Lovely sets, interior design, fashion…
    Lots of style and colors. Happy Halloween, and thanks for posting.
    William Sylvester from "Devil Doll", "2001", "Riding with Death" and "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark".

  10. nothing in the world – or even beyond the world, such as in the depths of hell – is as furious and capable of great anger as a woman who has been 'scorned'.

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