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  1. Martin Jarvis is utterly miscast & looks like he came from another decades later production, tho full marks for the Goring actor, he looks the spit of him, uncanny.

  2. Not gonna lie, Downfall is the GOAT & is the best movie made on Hitler & WW2. Moreover it's in their original German Language which adds more interest. In this movie, Hitler speaking English, you don't get that aggressive vibe.

  3. Hopkins was FABULOUSLY AWESOME ???? in this movie!!! Considering it was actually made-for-TV, I was VERY impressed!!!

    HOWEVER, here’s a little, often-overlooked fact they don’t tell or show ya, ESPECIALLY when the subject matter involves the last days of Ol’ Adolf and Der Fuhrerbunker:

    Hitler’s last words before he bit down on that cyanide capsule and put that ???????????? through his head were:

    “Gibt mir wieder meine funfe Woche” (trans.: “Give me my five weeks back!!!”)…and THEN…


    You see, back in 1940, Ol’ Adolf had to send his military forces down into the Balkans to bail Ol’ Il Duce—Mussolini—out of that mess he got into in Greece, Sicily and the Eastern Mediterranean. Hitler’s PLANNED commencement for Operation Barbarossa WAS 25. May, 1940, BUT, he had to push it back to 22. June, 1940!!!

    The consequences:
    1.) The Axis military came face to face with the USSR’s best weapon: General Winter ???? ❄️ (and 15 or so miles west of Moscow);
    2.) The Battle of Britain ???????? was bad enough, having depleted the Luftwaffe’s air strength; the waste of air transports and gliders in Greece was even worse;
    3.) Declaring war on the USA ???????? a few days after Pearl Harbor (BRILLIANT move, Adolf Ol’ boy…????????????????????????????!!!!!!!), AND while bogged down for the winter ❄️ on the Eastern Front!!!

    & FINALLY…
    …wait for it‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️…

    4.) The movie ???? …w/ ???? and ????…y’all are CURRENTLY enjoying…

    PROST ????????????????????????????????

  4. Clearly Hitler and the Nazis were among the evilest vile creatures ever on this earth, but look at the Russians now mmmm… but what a great film, never tire of watching it

  5. Everytime the Goebbels character is on screen, played by Cliff Gorman. All I can see is him and Joe Bologna in Cops and Robbers stealing bearer bonds. " We're desperate criminals ma'am" But he did do a great job here as the little corporals mouthpiece.

  6. Anthony Hopkins was wonderful in this. He must have watched endless newsreels of Hitler, because he captured all of the Fuehrer’s gestures, tone of voice, etc., to perfection.

  7. This was a great movie for it's time. Downfall is pretty much the same storyline, but a much better version. Bruno Ganz as Hitler is so convincing it's scary. That, and it seems more authentic being done in German, rather than in English. But I enjoyed both.

  8. I think at movie Downfall Goebbels actor had scared the crap out of real Goebbels. He also has leading role in many horror movies.

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