Something In The Wind HD (1947) | Free Comedy Movies | Movies Romance | Hollywood English Movie

Something In The Wind HD (1947) | Free Comedy Movies | Movies Romance | Hollywood English Movie
A grandson of a recently deceased millionaire mistakes a beautiful female disc jockey for her aunt, who once dated the grandfather.
Actors: Deanna Durbin, Donald O’Connor, John Dall
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48 Replies to “Something In The Wind HD (1947) | Free Comedy Movies | Movies Romance | Hollywood English Movie”

  1. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????❤❤✌✌????????

  2. I wish Deanna was alive right now so I could write her a fan letter to tell her how much I love her and her films and how there are fan clubs that love her and still are enjoying her films even to this day

  3. Great movie ???? with Deanna durbin in it-a fine comedy-three guys compete for the same woman-good singing ???? by Deanna! -I. Can understand the confusion over the title of the movie-Donald O’Connor is not in it-something in the wind can be seen in another YouTube channel if you’re interested! (Retrospective-classic movies) -good flick! ????????????????????????

  4. Silversurfer971: My, Q-Man , thoughts exactly! SO REFRESHING! A movie like this I would gladly return to theater pay the ridiculous price to see and I finally understand “Figaro,’ song, Just magical!

  5. Oh, my,???? don't care: " giving my age, away" my aunt's & I saw this great movie when we were little girls , then my young aunt, all she did was trying to emulate Deana's singing , she made us laugh,, good memories.. these actors r superb Deana so pretty & oh my the men actors " so very good- looking , as usual from from that era,,keep it going , thank you!!????

  6. A very refreshing, romcom……awesomely made, actors very well versed in their trade….no nudity, no swearing, beautifully crafted movie. ????????????????????????????????????????

  7. Deanna Durbin was a really big star star back in the day, but is mostly forgotten today. This is the first time I saw a Durbin movie in 50 years. They are rarely shown today.

  8. I wonder if this movie was an inspiration for Cameron Diaz’s movie “There’s SomethingAbout Mary?” The attraction of Mary seems universal even in the invisible president’s character.

  9. Funny, slightly silly, lovely music and songs, well cast and although I wasn't sure how they were going to end up, I knew really quickly which guy was going to get the girl. Altogether great entertainment. Thank you for uploading. ????????????????

  10. It’s A Date and The Amazing Mrs. Holliday are gonna be delivered to my cousin Kechette’s house today. I need to get her Spring Parade His Butler’s Sister I’ll Be Yours and Nice Girl?

  11. I’ve got my eighteen year old cousin Kechette into Deanna Durbin and she really likes her because she loves old films and tv shows. I’ve given her some of Deanna’s movies like the Sweetheart Pack the Music And Romance collection 100 Men And A Girl Up In Central Park Christmas Holiday and Hers To Hold. She told me that It Started With Eve and Hers To Hold are her favorites

  12. wow. the lead actress Deanna was amazing. they don't mage good movies like this anymore. they replaced good acting with violence and special effects, i miss good entertainment. so many twists!

  13. The great Hugo Haas as Gustav, I'm a big fan of the dozen or so strange semi sadomasochistic romantic melodramas he directed and acted in later, several starring Cleo Moore and another with Beverly Michaels, clearly he had a preferred "type" of blonde bombshell, and he casts himself as their victim most of the time.

  14. Never was a big fan of Deanna's, but too bad this was her final movie- her rendition of Figaro was delightful, and this was a cute comedy.

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