British police are after a serial killer who lures his female victims through newspaper personal ads and sends cryptic poem clues to the cops.


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  1. Lucy was great in Dark Corner and Forever Darling as well. She was a Genius, a beauty and a great person. Desilu Television Co. was a stroke of genius. She sold to Gulf and Western that became Paramount Studios. During her tenure, she released shows and films like, I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, Mannix, The Untouchables, Mission Impossible and Star Trek. The list goes on. Great Lady. The whole family used to watch The Lucy Comedy Hour and laugh till we cried.

  2. I love Lucy❤ No one makes it overnight. Theres an old saying, 'The difference between talent and success, is hard work' I get it! What a cast indeed.

  3. A BIG, wowee!!! Lucy caught my attention; Boris drew me in, when I seen the thumbnail. Lucille Ball, in a thriller??? There's a first. And Boris not being, the main character??? Alan Napier, is inspector Gordon?? Like Gordon, from 'Batman'?? George Zucco, as a copper?????? And Alan Mowbray, a year after he did, Universal's Sherlock Holmes', 'Terror By Night'. Very good, cast lineup. All in all, this was, a splendid picture!!!

  4. Interesting early effort by Douglas Sirk. I'm more familiar with his soapy technicolor epics from the '50's. I didn't know he went in for police procedurals.

  5. When I wasa teen I saw this on TV. I can't recall it except for the title. I met Sir Cedric Hardwicke in Chicago and told him I liked it. Oddly I recall his response. "You have a taste for the 'lurid.'". Only now do I appreciate this film for the performances I mentioned above. 12/26/2023.

  6. Great cast many played unusual roles. Charles Coburn, Joseph Calleia and particularly George Zucco. Just to watch him made it a delight. More anon.

  7. Lucy was quite the up and coming actress, long before having her t.v. show. Boris was over the top in his cameo. His performance was a very clever piece of the story. George Sanders was also very clever, and it was easy to believe he was the villain. The Chief Inspector was portrayed wonderfully by Charles Coburn. I really really enjoyed this drama, with dashes of comedy. Keep gems like this coming.????????❤????????????????

  8. This was a damn good movie,and no mistake! Aside from being a very good actress; Lucille Ball was a real beauty. Also, if I'm not mistaken, she helped green light Star Trek. I shall look into that.????I did; and she did indeed help Star Trek air, with her own money. What a WOMAN!????

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