Jacob: The Man Who Fought with God (1963) Drama | Full Movie

Jacob is forced to flee for his life when an enraged Esau vows to kill him in this classic drama.

Original Title: Giacobbe, l’uomo che lottò con Dio
Director: Marcello Baldi
Writers: Ottavio Jemma, Giuseppe Mangione
Stars: Giorgio Cerioni, Jean Morcier, Judy Parker



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  1. If you are going to make a movie of the Holy Bible do it just as the Bible says please stop adding your own spin geeze there were 8 ppl on the ARK 8 only 8

  2. The people are the wrong colour they were not Europeans whites they were Africans in Palestine Adam and Eve were not white either they were dark brown . What people call black. But there are no black people or white in the world we dark brown, brown light brown beige pinky beige, creamy color but not white or black people copper colored old copper colored darkest brown dark brown light brown nearly lightest brown mixed with beige ????all come from black Africa, the garden of Eden. None in Palestine were Jesus was born were white????

  3. This is a nice movie. My issue is the director liberty on how things happen. If I remember correctly it was said that Noah and his sons built the Ark (hence where did these extras come from) also I don't remember his son's wives being pregnant at the time so where did these little kids come from. I loved it when they use to make films about stories from the Bible (which that doesn't happen anymore). I can only re-watch these movies on YouTube if available and shown in their entirety with clarity and no audio issues. Therefore, my point is stick to the facts and the movie will still be wonderful and blessed. As the saying goes you can call a "Rose" by any other name yet it still a "Rose".

  4. Abraham had faith in The Lord our God, The Lord God stopped Abraham from sacrificing Isaac, is because Isaac wasn't worthy of the sacrifice, this is a glimpse of what is to come, and that was Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior that was Sacrificed for our sins over two thousand years ago. Only Jesus Christ was worthy of the Sacrifice. Biblical fact.

  5. Noah's Ship was seven hundred and fifty by length and two hundred fifty by width and fifty feet by hight. That is a very big wooden Ship. It was The Lord our God that gave the length and width and hight to build a Ship for animals and birds two by two male and female all of were.

  6. Praising our jesus christ o'isa comterporary per person in Hebrew 11 and adam Noah's Abraham Issac and Jacob are going for Aramaic future language as per Hebrew Palestine routes as Jacob the faithful servant of God, shallom Saleem

  7. Celestial dwelling according to Hebrew authors preface in genesis 11 means by the first proofs of wise Adam advice and progence archect a place called assemble of god 2nd chronicles 20 20—–to end ???????? version and our forefathers Adam what will happen in celestial dwelling authority in letter ✉️???? of Jude Thaddeus same as Jude v1-18 v14 and 15: and their will consequence for it, prophet Enoch as idrs secrets weapons Wil occur, and in deteronomy 28:15-69& furthermore Psalm 83 and 35walayii, and Roman 1:18-32& many others consequence of disobedien and now it's happening according to prophet ezikiel chapter to chapter meaning when things started falling apart from third generation blindness series seriously issues, so be it grandted ameen am same as Jacob seer warners and ⌚ Watchman messenger same as new job, and ezikiel chapter 3 16 and 19,25,& many more wonderful ????✌️????️ consequence of disobedience ameen parakaleo agapao philio certainly agapao philio it's ameen

  8. what kind of God would ask a man to sacrifice his child ? what kind of normal father would do it? old testament is nothing ,but deception. look wha tlaban did to Jacob..the bibal is sick.

  9. @ 8:48, this is why God refused Cains sacrifice.
    Jealousy and Hatred and God warns Cain about the Devil being at the door to his mind and soul.
    9:08 is not true, Cains sacrifice was not rotten and wilted and dilapidated fruits and vegetables.
    Cains produce was just as blessed by God, as Ables herds, otherwise God is not like Jesus.
    God and Jesus are the same, so we know Cains produce was perfect, it was his heart and mind is the issue.

    Jesus says, "If your brother has something against you, leave your sacrifice at the altar, go and restore yourself to your brother. Then come back and offer your sacrifice and it will be accepted." Jesus is speaking directly to the Cain and Able situation. Cain had done his brother Able wrong and was not going to make it right. God was rejecting Cains perfectly fine sacrifices because he had sinned against Able. Instead of making things right, Cain blamed Able for his rejection and despised him and was jealous of his approval from God, Mom and Dad.

    If you ask the Holy Spirit to show you this is true, he will teach you as he showed me years ago.

    If your sacrifice is paltry and yet you live a righteous life, your paltry sacrifice is accepted as a bountiful sacrifice. The Widows Mite proves this. All she had was a small offering as she gave out of her poverty. The wealthy men were donating gobs of money out of their wealth. So, Jesus says her offering way exceeded theirs. The same way Able's offerings way exceeded Cains, even though Cain was taking a fine offering to offer to God. Cain was not right in his heart and soul. Cain does not know his life is a sacrifice, the way he thinks and believes. This is what god has tried to teach mankind throughout the ages.

  10. Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy

  11. To help clear a falsehood here, that "Jacob wrestled with God", at Hosea 12:2-4 it states concerning Jacob ' contending with God ' (Gen 32:28) as he was traveling to meet his brother Esau, whom he had not seen for some 20 years, that "Jehovah (God's name, see Isa 12:2, KJV) has a legal case against Judah;"

    "He will call for an accounting against Jacob (or the nation of Israel, that had become apostate, worshipping false gods such as Baal, Hosea 2:13, committing spiritual prostitution) according to his ways, and he will repay him according to his deeds."

    "In the womb he (Jacob) seized his brother (Esau) by the heel (Gen 25:26), and with his vigor he contended with God. He kept contending with an ANGEL and prevailed. He wept and begged for his (the angel's) favor (whereby the angel changed Jacob's name to Israel that means "Contender, Perseverer, With God).” He found him (earlier) at Bethʹel (Gen 28:10-19), and there He (Jehovah God through a dream) spoke with us."

    So, those who accept that Jacob actually contended with God, needs to realize what the apostle John wrote that "no man has seen God at any time".(John 1:18, 1 John 4:12) This further shows that Jesus Christ is NOT God, but as himself told Nicodemus, that is God's "only-begotten Son".(John 3:16)

    The apostle Paul wrote to the Roman Christians: "Therefore, I appeal to you by the compassions of God, brothers, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, a sacred service with your power of reason (or by carefully reasoning on the Bible, checking for all the details trying to ensure something is accurate)."

    "And stop being molded by this system of things, but be transformed by making your mind over, so that you may PROVE ("prove", Greek dokimazo, meaning "to test, examine, prove, scrutinize") to yourselves (by a serious examination of the Bible without bias) the good and acceptable and perfect will of God."(Rom 12:1, 2)

    So, for a sincere Bible reader to avoid "misinformation", they must make a serious examination of the Bible without prejudice, an ACCURATE Bible, or they will remain in spiritual "darkness".(see Isa 60:2a)

  12. In the Bible: God closed the door, not Noah’s sons. no lenghty conversation with Esau as Jacob ran for his life. Jacob walked with a limb after he fought with an angel who broke his hip.

  13. Or did you witness when death came to Jacob? He asked his children, “Who will you worship after my passing?” They replied, “We will ˹continue to˺ worship your God, the God of your forefathers—Abraham, Ishmael, and Isaac—the One God. And to Him we ˹all˺ submit.” (TQS. 2 : 133)

  14. These kind of people they try to find the smallest mistake to take advantage of it , but the Holy bible is equal and completing Quran ( they are completing the full religion of Allah )
    Don't let them seperate between you …
    You are the winners if you believe in tge full book …

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