Claude Rains Historical Drama Full Movie | Caesar and Cleopatra (1945) | Retrospective

At the height of the Roman Civil War, Julius Caesar takes control of the city Alexandria in order to resolve a long-running feud between Cleopatra and her brother Ptolemy. As Caesar teaches her how to rule Egypt, the two form a special relationship.

Caesar and Cleopatra (1945)
Studio: Gabriel Pascal Productions
Director: Gabriel Pascal
Writer: George Bernard Shaw
Cast: Claude Rains, Vivien Leigh

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41 Replies to “Claude Rains Historical Drama Full Movie | Caesar and Cleopatra (1945) | Retrospective”

  1. Don't be silly cleo a black cat cannot be your great great grandmother don't be a fool your blood isn't made from the Nile and if your hair is wavy it isn't cause of the Nile you fool but because of your coconut shampoo

  2. Stewart Granger has never looked so yummy! His thighs are so big and strong! He towers over everyone! He looks like a giant while everyone a dwarf in his presence!

  3. Never saw a comment about Claude's performance in this movie. He did great performing as Caesar! An iconic role for an iconic man like him.

  4. this is a Great movie the dialogue and quick banter is amazing. great actors…. Vivien Leigh "cleopatra" is stunning and naive…and also bloodthirsty lol

  5. Entertaining in many ways because of the great Vivien Leigh. But I find the film's subtle racism / ideological framework a toxic bore…It is the "deployment" of Black extras as slaves and retainers as if to suggest to Modern viewers and academics that this was the Only and "eternal status" of melaninated / sub Sahara Africans even in Ancient times ! Really…? There were absolutely No Dark Skinned bodies of aristocracy or authority in ancient times. You cant take it seriously as a quasi history lesson.

  6. This was a sumptuous treat. I'd rate this above the Burton-Taylor version slightly. But both these versions are absolutely light years ahead of the unmentionable and unrepeatable dross that Netflix put out as a factual ????????????documentary lol.

  7. Bernard Shaws Ceasar & Cleopatra is stunning Fact her mother was Black her father was Roman and Vivian Leigh doesn't look anything like the Real Cleopatra except they were both stunning beautiful the language is excellent of course Claude Rains still read the play more detailed 2023July DowntownLosAngeles, California UnitedStatesOfAmerica

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    Yes Egypt had lots of mixed cultures throughout its history like for example: Greeks, Romans and Arabs, but the Egyptian blood didn't mix and change that much and that's because for centuries we Egyptians had a golden tradition rule to marry our cousins, and that tradition is still present until now especially in Upper Egypt(from Assiut to Aswan), Although that tradition seems silly and bad from a scientific biological point of view, but that doesn't matter, silly or not we kept that tradition of marrying our cousins for centuries and that helped us to preserve our pure Egyptian blood not mixed as long as we could, and the result is what you see now and that is Modern Egyptians looks typical to their Ancient Egyptian Ancestors, just look at my skin color and Bassem Youssef's skin color we are almost the same although he is a Muslim who was born and lived in Cairo and I am a Coptic Christian who was born and lived in Luxor and there is almost a 1000 km distance between us, doesn't that tell you a thing or two about who Ancient Egyptians were and what they looked like?

    With all due respect for all the Black people and all the other ethnicities out there, but we Egyptians are special very special, WE ARE NOT Black or White or Yellow, Not Europeans or Africans or Asians, Not Assyrians or Persians or Israelites or Nubians or Greeks or Romans or Arabs or French or Italians or Germans or British or Turkish or Ukrainians, Not Middle Easterners or Caucasians or Mediterraneans or Levants or Amazigh or Berbers or even North Africans.

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  9. I never knew Sicilians were so obviously mixed race while Egyptians are snow white . And of course a Britain and not a Greek was Caesar's trusted advisor . Such absurd details render this more farce than history but entertaining nonetheless.

  10. The opening speech if Cesaer to the Sphinx in the desert night was brilliant in explaining the Roman and Egyptian philosophies if the times then, as well as futuristic in explaining what we have since uncovered about the building of those civilizations and the various theories that did not exist at the time this version of the movie was made in 1947!! It was totally awesome!!! I never noticed it before, but, as I am much older and have been exposed to the newer theories on the ancient wonders like the Sphinx n the Nile River and the question of their inceptions!!! Applause to Claude Rains!!!

  11. I truly loved both Vivien Leigh and Elizabeth Taylor's costumes and think both were extremely grand, but I think the colour quality of the film in 1947 when Leigh's costumes were filmed was not as poignant as the colour quality if the film in the early 1960's, when Taylor's costumes were filmed. If you ever notice a movie from the 1940's, 1950's, 1960's the colour quality and the look of the atmosphere is different from the 1970's n 1980's, and you can always date a 1970's film by the feel of the colour quality in the atmosphere of the picture or film itself. I hope you can understand what I am trying to describe!!! Therefore, the costumes filmed in different colour quality would be just as magnificent as the ones filmed in Taylor's time period making all the costumes as well as both the wearers fantastic!!!

    It is distressing to see such great actors as Claude Rains and Vivien Leigh "mouthing the words" while missing the meaning. The director puts everyone in the right places at the right times, but the essential urgency isn't there. For Heaven's sake, the fall of Cleopatra IV marked the end of ancient Egypt, being gobbled-up by Rome! You can't just chatter-and-grin-your-way through **THAT**…

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