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Free Western Classic: Bonanza – Episode 152 – The Gentleman from New Orleans – Gullible Hoss meets a flamboyant, sword-brandishing drunk claiming to be none other than the notorious pirate Jean LaFitte.

The Gentleman from New Orleans
Director: Don McDougall
Writers: William Bruckner, Frank Cleaver (story consultant)
Stars: Dan Blocker, Michael Landon, Lorne Greene
Genre: Western
Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 2 February 1964 USA
Filming Locations: Stage 17, Paramount Studios – 5555 Melrose Avenue, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA

“Gullible Hoss meets a flamboyant, sword-brandishing drunk claiming to be none other than the notorious pirate Jean LaFitte. Believing LaFitte is who he says he is and remembering that history considered him a patriot for his aid at the Battle of New Orleans, Hoss chooses to treat LaFitte like a hero and invites him to the Ponderosa. While skeptical Ben contacts old friends in New Orleans to try to verify his identity, LaFitte is accused of murder and Hoss must try to find not only the real killer but the answer to the question: who is Jean LaFitte?” Written by shepherd1138 on

“Jean Lafitte is one of those characters in history who is still shrouded in legend. After his helping Andrew Jackson win the battle of New Orleans he went back to the pirate trade, relocating to Galveston Island and then sailed off, his fate unknown but subject to speculation. It’s on that speculation that this Bonanza episode revolves.

The Gentleman From New Orleans is John Dehner who arrives at Virginia City claiming to be the one and only Jean Lafitte. He’s got the manner to carry it off and he makes a believer out of Dan Blocker. But later on the 70 something old pirate if that’s who he is gets suspected of the murder of a rancher who was robbed of money that Lorne Greene paid him for cattle. When you call yourself Jean Lafitte you go to the top of anyone’s suspect list.

This episode turns on the charm of John Dehner as the old pirate and the nice chemistry he establishes with the trusting Dan Blocker. And your speculation is as good as anyone’s about the fate of Jean Lafitte.” Written by bkoganbing on


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  1. عمري ٦٣ سنة ومازلت أعيد مشاهدة مسلسل بونانزا باستمرار، بونانزا تجعلني أعيش النقاء والنبل والطيبة مع هذالعائلة الطيبة .
    هوس كارترايت كان ومازال بطلي المفضل في حلقات بونانزا.

  2. Great episode with the versatile John Dehner. His bio says he was good with langugess. Love to hear him on the old time radio shows like, 'Palladine'

  3. Jean Willes as Molly as always a great character actor whatever role she does. Too greats here — John Dehner and Jean Willes.

  4. EXCELLENT! A superb episode. I'd like to have seen a scene with Little Joe quizzing him about the war. Ben could say "Well, he could have read all the same books." and the Gentleman could exclaim "The best parts are not in the history books!" and tell a tale about something or someone. Or, better, he could tell a story that differs from the history books and is embarrassing to a leading figure, Joe thinks that he has exposed him, but the Gentleman exclaims "Of course the history books don't tell it the way it really happened. Nobody wants to be remembered for xyz." The writers and actors did a great job with this episode.

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