They Rode West (1954) Robert Francis, Donna Reed and May Wynn

Directed by Phil Carson

Starring Robert Francis, Donna Reed and May Wynn


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  1. At 1:14 Col. Waters' cavalry hat badge is upside down, but in subsequent shots it is right side up. Must have been an error in the costume department between takes.

  2. It's quite a film, true story of western life in those days and people who were racist and brutal killer of even children which always blamed to Red skin but truth was white people were and still worse than them

  3. This is a fun, and completely fictitious, flick. In the old west physicians, even bad ones, were always welcomed. And Army doctors were the best trained and prepared medicos of the era (and the post surgeon had the power of a general in all medical matters). Also, every cowboy-days community was serious about retrieving whites taken prisoner by any tribe (as John Wayne's "Searchers" illustrates). This script makes for an interesting movie, however. Reed is always flirty and fun. Thanks for posting.

  4. When men were men… and women, real women !
    Phil Carey, the epitome of virility. Nuff said.
    Great movie, watched it a zillion times but get never tired of it. Old is gold !

  5. With the horrific events of daily murdering taking place in Ukraine, this story took on all the same senseless presence of man's inhumanity to man. Why does it have to be this way ? Generations of families that never will be, when war destroys our sons, before they can live. Please Lord, make them stop. Aug. 2, 2022

  6. I don't know things like that did happen I hope it did I wish there was peace all over the world I don't know why everybody has to fight I wish that all my life since I was a little girl now I'm 88 and it hasn't happened yet I guess I'll just do some more praying????????????????

  7. Robert Francis (the doctor in this film) died the next year in 1955 when the single engine airplane he was piloting crashed immediately after takeoff when the engine stalled, coming down in an empty parking lot. Passengers, actress Ann Russell, 24, and George Meyer, 38, a commercial pilot also died. Francis got his start in acting in the 1954 movie "The Caine Mutiny" with Humphrey Bogart, and was considered one of Hollywood's up and coming actors. He was only 25.

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