14 Replies to “Renegades 1946 Willard Parker, Larry Parks & Evelyn Keyes”

  1. Brought to you courtesy of the American Medical Association. Imagine……telling the sheriff (and nearly everyone else) how to do his job, correcting the prosecuting attorney and the judge in open court!

  2. The ending was very positive and up beat. Love was able to overcome every obstacle.
    But in 2017 and unbeknownst to Hollywood, a director's cut for the movie was found mixed In with a box of Pauly Shore and Napoleon Dynamite VCR tapes which explains why it went unnoticed for so many years.
    But in the director's cut The doctor and the red head Get married right away. She becomes his nurse and gets hooked on Laudanum. Sheen's up having 3 more children. One was Chinese, one was Presbyterian and the 3rd one was cesarean. But the Doc
    was blinded by love and kept adding rooms on to there house. Vin on valentine's day There was a knock at the door And he was served a restraining order and divorce papers Because she had fallen and loved her with a gender on her And he spend the rest of his life Working to pay alimony and child support. Broke and alone in 1879 while living in a boarding house He choked to death on a piece of cheese.

  3. Great upload of a western I’d actually never heard of before! Thanks, DK, for proof of all the hoops the Production Code made screenwriters jump through, LOL! This movie’s hero is impossibly good!????

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