Son Of Fury 1942 Tyrone Power, Gene Tierney & George Sanders

Sir Arthur Blake has inherited title and lands from his brother. He also has his orphaned nephew Benjamin working for him as a bonded servant. While he believes the lad was born out of wedlock so cannot claim the inheritance, he is taking no chances. Benjamin eventually rebels against his uncle and sets sail to try to make his fortune. This could enable him to return to prove his claim to being the rightful heir to the estate.


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  1. I guess in those times just being a brunette would make you a good cast for any exotic character. Gene Tierney was beautiful but she doesn't look like a Polynesian at all.

  2. Very Nice to look back upon! The Cast was great for the day, and Gene T. Had such Gorgeous Eyes, (Beautiful Women), Tyron, just Wow, what a real Man!????????????????! Great Oldie! Thank You! NZ., ✌❤????????

  3. Frances Farmer plays Arthur Blake’s daughter. She had a horrible mom who wanted total control over her daughter’s career. Subsequently, Frances spent years in mental institutions, became an alcoholic & didn’t come out of her troubled for many years. This was her last screen appearance.

  4. Tyrone Power was so handsome. I don’t like it when a man hits a woman, and I don’t like it when a woman hits a man. So I was happy that he didn’t let the blonde lady strike him in the face @ 16:25 minutes!

  5. It's amazing how the old films just draw you in. The stories are so compelling. What a wasteland of idiocy the modern Hollywood has become, which is made all the more regrettable by how wonderful it once was.

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