Meet the Boy Friend (1937) COMEDY

Stars: Robert Paige, Carol Hughes, Warren Hymer
Director: Ralph Staub

A heartthrob singer decides to wed a Swedish actress. His manager doesn’t want this because he is afraid of losing female fans, so he takes up a $300,000 insurance policy if his singer does in fact wed.


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  1. Love watching black & white movies… My whole life I avoided them… Watched new releases & old favourites… 80's stuff… After surfing utube and this app "old movies" & finding "good" old black & whites to watch… I'm stuck on them… Love watching movies again.

  2. What a sweet movie, love to see more of these. And I agree Miss Pert (wonder where she got that name?) was the show stealer.
    Thank you for sharing this rare gem.??????

  3. I have seen Pert Kelton in a few movies, and I think she should have had better and bigger roles. She was under used. I wish she had a bigger career.

  4. Can anyone explain the disappearance of Vilma Vlare (Gwili Andre) in the last reel? Her character as the Swedish fiance is completely dropped from the narrative without resolution or explanation.Very odd.

  5. Love me some old movies, I absolutely loved watching this, and just imagined, it was a voice over the radio without your picture, he was able to ride the bus and live a normal Life…as for nowadays, well it is what it is I guess, to each's own…???

    Thanks for sharing this movie…???

  6. The singing was kind of annoying I did not like any of the music Know one had any on screen chemistry The Hillbilly musical number was nice~ My mom and dad always loved to watch Heehaw together and those ~guys reminded me of that show~ The storyline has good potential~

  7. The absolute star of this movie is undoubtedly Pert Kelton, who played a role of Beulah Potts (wife of the Tony's boss). What a charming energetic personality,- and what a comic talent too! When she was drumming on her husband's desk and then told him: "Attention! Eyes right!" – and he reacted like a soldier to the order of a commander – it’s impossible not to burst out laughing!

  8. By gosh, by golly! This was one of the funniest films I have seen from a smaller studio of those times. Every actor especially Pert Kelton, the Mrs. Paige character, down to the bit parts was superb, and totally supported by a great hammy, but witty script written by Bradford Ropes. I also noticed really good design and tailoring on the costumes. A thousand thanks for uploading this gem!

  9. You've done it again,another great start on Sunday morning ? ?☕Gratitude for this comedy/bits of mystery & plain old trying to outsmart each other & getting caught in their own plan. Love the "hillbilly song," as well,i truly miss the days of seeing "real live talent" such as this,i remember seeing so many different "live" performances that because of the times,are mostly gone now,yet i enjoyed this film immensely,as well as the singing group,they were great!

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