28 Replies to “I Wanted Wings (1941) Ray Milland, William Holden, Wayne Morris”

  1. I've dated at least one person like this. She almost brought my plane down too.

    Interesting film. Almost great but definitely not. Still—infinitely better than 99% of the woketopian garbage we're currently being fed.

  2. I've seen this film dozens of times..what I haven't figured out is how the scene of the aircraft flying low over the Texas plains and one of them flies between 2 trees…the camera plane flies right behind it and follows thru…the camera position on the camera plane doesn't show the planes prop spinning along..paul mantz flew an Orion as the chase plane..but unless it was mounted above the cockpit clearing the spinning prop it had to a constant distance behind to keep the camera in focus…that had to be quite the task to get it right.. Who knows how many takes it took to get it right..no edits just straight and level flight…quite the scene..bravo maestro bravo..

  3. as a 12 year old I loved this, great actor Milland. Now I am 75 and I STILL love the movie. Yes it is a silly movie, only a child would believe a B-17 lands and saves a friend. lol

  4. Could you imagine séeing this in 1941 ..the special effects in the beginning with the war and civilization bombing going on in London etc must have scared the hell out the audiences…there actually was a mock bombing of NYC in 1938 involving b17s and the interception of the SS REX in 1937 so there is a basis of truth here…sure there are a lot of truth stretching but it's still a great movie..the flying scenes assures..how some of those scenes were filmed is a tribute to Elmer dyer and Paul mantz..fyi I was a pilot and have flown at6s ..you have no idea how violent the manoevers are until you do giving you a much higher respect for those who didn't wash out..what a cast..superb for 1941 Let alone a stunningly gorgeous 17 yr old veronica lake..

  5. In today's topsy turvy world 6 months prior to making this movie Veronica Lake would be termed " a child" as would have some of the pilots in training.

  6. Seeing the old Y1B17's was exciting for me the first time I saw this. Finding out I could see it again renewed the excitement. Nothing beats the thunder of quadruple radials, nothing!

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    Regardless how small her role or screen time, Veronica Lake left a lasting impression in every movie she appeared. A beautiful, … but, off screen, a misunderstood, mistreated, … and lonely woman.

  8. @28:20, Ray Milland is checking out the girls legs. She says,"Whats the matter,haven't you ever seen a bomber before? Ray says, "Not with landing gear like that". An excellent comeback,the writer deserved a raise.

  9. At first blush, I thought the opening FX were cheese dick but as the movie went along, I was grossly mistaken. This is quite a good move for the time. A real keeper with some great young stars beginning their illustrious careers.

  10. Full disclosure I’m here for Veronica Lake. —Edit: great movie! Wow she was trouble ha. This movie had everything. Living in LA the threat to the coast is still legend.

  11. Wow! Veronica Lake played the Vamp really well. How do you resist her? I really loved seeing the airplanes too! They were all new . Wonderful movie, great acting but I have to admit my eyes were always on Veronica whenever she was on the screen. Classic airplanes, classic vamp, they don’t make them like that anymore. Is it any wonder I love this movie

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