Major Barbara – Full Movie – GREAT QUALITY (1941)

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Major Barbara is a 1941 British comedy film starring Wendy Hiller and Rex Harrison. The film was produced and directed by Gabriel Pascal and edited by David Lean. It was adapted for the screen by Marjorie Deans and Anatole de Grunwald, based on the 1905 stage play Major Barbara by George Bernard Shaw. It was both a critical and financial success.

The daughter of rich weapons manufacturer Andrew Undershaft (Robert Morley), idealistic young Barbara (Wendy Hiller) rebels against her estranged father by joining the Salvation Army. Wooed by professor-turned-preacher Adolphus Cusins (Rex Harrison), Barbara eventually grows disillusioned with her causes and begins to see things from her father’s perspective. Based on the play by George Bernard Shaw, the film’s comedic social commentary pulls no punches.

Wendy Hiller as Major Barbara Undershaft
Rex Harrison as Adolphus Cusins
Robert Morley as Andrew Undershaft
Robert Newton as Bill Walker
Sybil Thorndike as The General
Emlyn Williams as Snobby Price
Miles Malleson as Morrison, the butler
Stanley Holloway as a Policeman
Kathleen Harrison as Mrs. Price
Donald Calthrop as Peter Shirley
Marie Lohr as Lady Britomart
Marie Ault as Rummy Mitchens
Penelope Dudley-Ward as Sarah Undershaft
Walter Hudd as Stephen Undershaft
David Tree as Charles Lomax
Deborah Kerr as Jenny Hill

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22 Replies to “Major Barbara – Full Movie – GREAT QUALITY (1941)”

  1. Comedy. Imdb rating 6,8. A young and idealistic woman, who has adopted the Salvation Army and whose father is an armament industrialist, will save more souls directing her father's business. A comedy with social commentary.

  2. This is an eye opening glimpse of the elite and how they actually live and feel LISTEN CAREFULLY TO WHAT THEY SAY, they don't believe in Gid don't want to hear about him and worship other things like ISIS and yes they actually say it. They are so DISCONNECTED in a unintrusive sort of way. Must wow it's actually so much more noticeable in these old movies then the new, the new ones it's more in product placement or symbols back then they just said it. Unbelievable.

  3. This isn’t my favorite play by Shaw, which to me is deadly dull on the page….it need actors talking 100mph to put life into the words, lol! Rex Harrison speaks so fast that I’m always tempted to slow the thing down! There’s an unreality to the subjects under debate, and I’ve never been comfortable with Barbara’s sudden flip-flop in philosophy, which strikes a false note right at the end, negating all of her previous arguments. It’s a volte face which is so convenient, a neat tucking in of ends better left out! As though people who are well fed are also spiritually starving….there’s no justification there.

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