How Do You Know It’s Love? (1950)

Gives students a basis for thinking clearly about real love and shows that mere conviction of love is not enough to insure lasting happiness. A drama.

Courtesy: Prelinger Archives


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  1. And even if you’ve got a ton in common it doesn’t mean the other person will like you. I was obsessed with a guy who I had everything in common with. We also had the same major and he didn’t want kids which is important to me. We both weren’t religious. We were the same person. Even though our personalities and life goals were similar and I found him so attractive I know he didn’t like me. It hurt but I knew I had to let go. Maybe one day he’ll come around and maybe not. I’m only 30.

  2. This was really fantastic— I didn’t know what to expect because of all the negative 1950s dating stereotypes, but wow… this is just what I needed. Really grounding and wise. Simpler times are where my heart yearns to be.

  3. Agreeing on the basics is important. You don't have to agree on eveything, but there are certain things you NEED to be compatible on:

    Do BOTH of you want children? Would your parenting styles be compatible (because if not that can lead to family problems)? How do you both handle finances? How your habits can affect each other? Are your political views compatible or non-harmful to each other's rights or beliefs? Are you capable of respecting each other's religions/beliefs? Are your life principles, values and boundaries compatible?

    Too many people get married without discussing or agreeing on these things and then resent each other when they realize how incompatible they are and that they can't change the other person.

  4. Boy did all of this get thrown out the window ! Most young people today throw out the "I love you" line everytime they go out ! Girls today are even more promiscuous than the guys are !

  5. These 2 couples are from different age groups.. the young girl is just inexperienced in daring. Comparing yourself to an older couple will throw you off. It's ok to ask yourself these questions. When in doubt, try it out

  6. I'm surprised at the word 'punk' at 0:02:52. The origin of the word is … well, a young boy who performs sexual favours to grown men.
    The word has made its way through several slang interpretations, but I am surprised that at THIS period, it was an innocent demurral – I figured it would still be meaning what it had started off meaning.

    Well… learn something every day.

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