Count Five and Die (1957)

British movie, written by David Pursall & Jack Seddon and directed by Victor Vicas, with Jeffrey Hunter, Nigel Patrick, Annemarie Dรผringer, David Kossoff, Rolf Lefebvre, Peter Prouse, Otto Diamant, Marianne Walla, Claude Kingston, Philip Bond, Larry Burns, et al ( Music by John Wooldridge.


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  1. If you like Jeffrey Hunter, see Single Handed- he has a big role. Amazing to think all this cloak & dagger stuff actually happened, with thousands of agents & underground types never knowing who to trust. Good work, you people with nerves of Steel!

  2. Really excellent and so much better than the far fetched tripe that is produced today. I started watching two movies before this one – they were 2018 released approximately – but were such rubbish, I quit both of them. In future I am only going to watch older films.

  3. Yes – but a tremendous Allied effort, especially British effort with whole false armies were made to convince the Nazis that the Pas de Calais – the shortest route – was the invasion route. Many of their best troops & panzers were stationed there…

  4. I wish Jeffrey Hunter had lived longer. He died at the age of 42, as a result of a rigged explosion on a movie set that went awry (sound familiar). He was a fine actor, and I much preferred him to his contemporary, Robert Wagner. Hunter was so handsome, in his initial screen appearances, it almost distracted from his ability. Those eyes, especially in technicolor, were gorgeous.โค๏ธ

  5. Was I snookered or what? Dueringer was Swiss not Dutch. I am speechless as she could pass for Dutch anywhere, but I never encountered a Swiss woman who could. Evidently, that is why she was cast in this role.

  6. We are left wondering whether she is the tantalizing double-agent or the chief of operations! But who really knows anything except the Invasion is not headed towards the Netherlands? Well done.

  7. I thought the Germans believed the invasion would come through Calais. That is the reason General Patton was given command of dummy divisions with tanks and artillery in Southern England. The Germans believed that Patton would command the invasion. That is the story portrayed in the film Patton with George C. Scott. It is, I believe, the true story. This is the first time I have heard the tale of a supposed invasion through Holland. It is plausible however.

  8. This has got to be the dumbiest spy movies I've seen. How can you let someone reach for the suicide pill? Or at the very end of the movie. The camera shows the gun on the floor twice. Yet he walk in front of a known spy when they leaving. Just garbage at the end!

  9. In the very opening scene, the guy in the white trench-coat that he has been wearing in the streets etc has decided the the bed is comfy & why not lie in a bed where you will sleep with your filthy coat on the sheets?

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