Eyes in the Night (1942) Film Noir, Crime, Mystery Full Length Movie

A blind detective and his seeing-eye dog investigate a murder and discover a Nazi plot.

Director: Fred Zinnemann
Writers: Baynard Kendrick, Guy Trosper, Howard Emmett Rogers
Stars: Edward Arnold, Ann Harding, Donna Reed & Mantan Moreland
Genre: Classics, Drama, Mystery & Suspense
Budget: $433,000

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00:00 Full Length Movie
02:38 Doggo
09:12 About Barbera
10:22 The Formula 
26:32 Attack!
59:19 Blind mans bluff
1:06:17 Friday meets FiFi 
1:13:13 Friday to the rescue
1:16:39 All the kinds of action



39 Replies to “Eyes in the Night (1942) Film Noir, Crime, Mystery Full Length Movie”

  1. Des sous- titres qui traduisent les dialogues dans un charabia qui rend l’ intrigue incompréhensible. Aucun respect pour les personnes qui tentent de regarder le film sans connaître l’ anglais !

  2. The dog alone was worth watching, much less the splendid MGM cast and script ! Another brilliant collaboration of talent and this studio's era of acclaimed production values. June 2022

  3. I've seen thousands of movies, and have over 600 in my private collection. This one is unique. A blind man, his dog, and a cast of spies. Edward Arnold, always a favorite of mine, does as usual an extraordinary job. Donna Reed, so easy to love in other films, is hateful here…until the end when she realizes how wrong she has been, and we love her once again…moreover she does this without one word, just a look. and a gesture, no mean feat that. The dog in this makes our beloved Rin Tin Tin and Asta look like dummies. He is not cute (though many will disagree with that statement) but he is beautifully trained, and is absolutely. amazing. I usually dislike the happy Hollywood endings tacked on to a good drama, but this film seems to strike it just right, with a nice touch of humor. Arnold may be blind, and some moments are filmed in the dark, but this is not Film Noir. Among many other missing elements of Film Noir in this movie, Film Noir does not have happy endings. This is a solid spy movie and a dang good one at that.

  4. I wish to protest the disparaging line, "You sew like a Boilermaker!" I have been a Boilermaker for 41 years and I can sew buttons on (crowsfoot indeed) and do a hem stitch. I can also embroider and macrame, not to mention petit-point and knit. Boilermakers are VERY versatile! I thank you.

  5. Edward Arnold made a very convincing blind man. He really studied the character, the moves, the attitude. And Friday was an exceptionally trained dog. There was no dull moments in the movie. Thanks CCC for this pearl!!!

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