Scarlet Street (1945) Fritz Lang- Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller Film

When a man in mid-life crisis befriends a young woman, her venal fiancé persuades her to con him out of the fortune they mistakenly assume he possesses.

Director: Fritz Lang
Writers: Georges de La Fouchardière, André Mouëzy-Éon 
Stars: Edward G. Robinson, Joan Bennett, Dan Duryea 
Genre:  Classics, Cult Film, Drama, Film-Noir, Thriller 

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  2. I continually come back to this my favourite classic. E. R. J.B and of course D.Dyarea ….
    The three most classics.

    From an American/English old b/w movie classics

  3. Beautiful black & white cinematography. The colourists just don't get it & are slowly destroying this great media. The Third Man in colour I don't think so & a long list.

  4. Hard to imagine her as the mother of The Bride opposite Spencer Tracy …. another role she played to perfection!

  5. Красота – это капитал и яд одновременно! Несчастный Крист
    влюбился в " Икону Красоты", бездушную, безмозглую куклу, которая разрушила не только его
    творческий труд, но и помутнила
    его рассудок! Глупо, если мужчины
    влюбляются визуально, в " Икону",
    не учитывая моральных и духовных
    компонентов женского индивидуального характера. Красота –
    это магнитное притяжение, которое
    порой оборачивается несчастьем и губит душу мужчины. Не напрасно
    говорят, что " любовь – слепа,
    полюбишь и козла! " Китти могла
    бы быть счастлива, если понимала
    немного Криста и помогла бы ему

  6. What a great movie! So much better than Robinson's and Bennet's previous movie 'Woman in the Window.' That would have been a great movie but it was ruined by a ridiculous ending, an ending that could induce nausea. (I do try to remember that censorship was much more strict back in the day. This film 'Scarlett Street' got banned in some cities because of its hard-hitting content.) Both films have very similar plots except this time they got it right.
    POSSIBLE SPOILERS: To me, a more workable ending to 'Woman in the Window' might be like this: At the car as the police close in on Robinson, the scene fades to black. Fade back in and we see a dark jail cell, light shining through the bars casting shadows across the lonely figure of Robinson sitting on a bunk staring blankly into space. The camera pulls back and the scene fades to black. The end.

  7. Dan Duryea is always my favorite actor! I don't care if the "star" is Edward G., , Bogart, Gable, whoevet……if Dan Duryea is in it, for me, Dan's the man!

  8. I did 25 years where I worked. It's not the money which bothered me but it was given to me in a brown envelope by an office member of staff staff who I'd never seen before with not a word of thanks for 25 years service. Management couldn't be bothered to see me.

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