Lucky Jordan (1942) Film-Noir – Alan Ladd, Helen Walker – 480p Quality

Lucky Jordan (Alan Ladd) is a tough but good-natured New York racketeer who tries to finagle his way out of Army service. Despite his efforts, Jordan is drafted, but soon goes AWOL, with a lovely USO worker (Helen Walker) dogging his heels. She tries to arouse Jordan’s patriotism, but he is unmoved until a gang of enemy spies beat up an old lady con artist (Mabel Paige) whom Lucky regards as a surrogate mother. Using his underhanded “street smarts,” Jordan rounds up the spies and agrees to complete his military servitude. Lucky Jordan was one of several wartime films in which otherwise larcenous individuals are redeemed by channelling their talents for the good of Uncle Sam.


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  1. Raymond Chandler wrote "Ladd is hard, bitter and occasionally charming, but he is after all a small boy's idea of a tough guy. Bogart is the genuine article." This movie bears out the part about Ladd.

  2. Just because a movie is from the forties, in black and white and stars Alan Ladd, doesn't qualify it as film noir. Look the term up.

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