Jassy 1947

Margaret Lockwood and Patricia Roc star in this Technicolor melodrama from the great Gainsborough Studios.

The Hatton family fall on hard times when their drunken father gambles away their estate, but their daughter, Jassy, is determined to reclaim their home…

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  1. God help anyone who stood in the way of Jassy, a cold, calculating, ruthless psychopath. I suppose that "her saving grace" was that she was surrounded by such contemptible people that her victims deserved what they got from her.

  2. Love seeing a woman in a leadership role that shows her resourcefulness, strength, character, confidence, who knows her own heart and mind not succumbing to the fear of the tyranny of a man's 'spoiled child' temper tantrums.

  3. Just discovered Margaret Lockwood…….watching movies from the 40's (British) with Margaret Lockwood. She was so beautiful and was really good in this role. She outsmarted that mean old man.

  4. Great old trashy dumb-fun Gainsborough bodice-ripper mellerdrammer, not to be confused with either quality, good film-making or intelligence, as the reviews of the day were quick to point out (it was panned: look it up), but I'm a softie for REAL Technicolor (also not to be confused with anything colorized)….and this was the only Gainsborough job to be photographed in Technicolor. And it has Margaret Lockwood (albeit in a badly written character, with a terrible makeup job and about a decade to old for the role). And about as close to Dickens as Li'l Abner is to Shakespeare, but so what? Great crap. And it made money. Presumably the matinee ladies of the day swooned over the story.

  5. That was one fabulous film full of love, passion and calculated motive. Kept me engrossed until the very end. Watching it from India. Thanks for the upload.

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