The Bridge At Remagen

1945… The confusion and intensity of a single moment in war are captured in this intense and bloody WWII drama about the destruction of a single vital bridge (the Ludendorff Bridge) at Remagen. As American forces move into Germany, the Nazi high command orders the bridge destroyed. A German major (Robert Vaughn), realizing the destruction of the bridge will cut his troops off from their homeland, delays the carrying out of his orders. The Americans, under officer George Segal, are ordered to capture the German troops and, if needed, blow up the bridge themselves. A deadly clash of conscience and arms begins.


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  1. Robert Vaughn needed to do a better german accent, since he is playing a german major! He sounded American! So bad acting on his part or bad casting. Other than that, I liked this movie.

  2. At very beginning of movie, the second scene from the first…unfortunately, even though it sounds cruel, the german commander was right. yes, those germans needed that bridge to escape. BUT…the americans would have had it ANYWAY. the bridge needed to be blown. Unfortunately, if it IS an escape route, that means the germans have already lost. Without an air force, the germans were done for.

  3. YouTube makes the best of trains world war 2 any as long as it is not a horror movie this is Isaiah Wiley from myrtle Beach south Carolina saying thank you

  4. I was just there a few weeks ago. It's fascinating to walk around both ends of the bridge (you have to take a ferry to get across the river) and retrace the battle. Very cool experience to see the railway tunnel (it's a theater now and only open for special events). The towns of Erpel and Kripp are worth walking around in and seeing the old style architecture.

  5. This has to be a joke here , the war will be over for the Germans in Two months here . and there worried about One Lousey bridge . Germany has all but to surrender in two months . The war has been lost for them some Two Years ago here .

  6. This is an amazing film as you really feel like your actually there ….amazing, talent, directing and acting and excellent realism in the well executed photographic combat scenes.

  7. This is one of my top 10 War movies! I have been them in Kosovo! Tired, hungry, and the smell of death all around! And the one thing I remember is all the god-damned landmines and the snipers!!!!! So I know how they feel walking point?

    But I do know a little about this famous bridge, it was called the Ludendorff Bridge! It was built right before World War 1! It was made for only one purpose, to deploy troops in a time of war and it was designed to be destroyed in the invite of enemy troops trying to cross the bridge!!!! But after the first World War the French took it over and did a reverse sabatage on the bridge, by filling in extra concrete and stronger support beams. When the second World War broke out it was put to use again by the German army and it was one of the key factors in the fall of France in 1940!!!! And Lt. Zimmerman was the second soldier to put his foot across the bridge, his Sargent was the first.

  8. The way Götz von Eick(Peter van Eyck) pronounces General von Krüger, you know he is a German actor, not one who tries to play a German

  9. My grandfather died taking and defending this bridge. Still have the telegram my grandmother received along with his purple heart and the flag that was given to my grandmother

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