The Undefeated 1969 Western John Wayne Rock Hudson

Brought to you by Hangtown Express Western Movies.

The Undefeated 1969 Western John Wayne Rock Hudson

Duration: 1 Hr 58 Min.

After the Civil War, ex-Confederate soldiers heading for a new life in Mexico run into ex-Union cavalrymen selling horses to the Mexican government but they must join forces to fight off Mexican bandits and revolutionaries.

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8 Replies to “The Undefeated 1969 Western John Wayne Rock Hudson”

  1. It doesn't get better than John Wayne !!!
    And with Rock Hudson and dozens of other amazing stars!
    WHAT A MOVIE!!!!

  2. How many horse wranglers for that remuda for that filming? Beautiful shots of the horses in all the situations they were in. Great cast of characters. Thank you Hangtown!

  3. Great Cinematography , beautiful location shots , unbelievable horse herd and videos taken of it. An excellent story with sub-plots to knock your socks off. And then ….. there's the " Duke " and Ben Johnson and Rock Hudson….. Great ! Thank you , Hangtown , for this !

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