THE BAT (Full Movie) – Vincent Price – Agnes Moorehead – TCC AI Color

AWARD WINNING MOVIE. A crazed killer known as “The Bat” is on the loose in a mansion full of people.

Vincent Price
Agnes Moorehead
Gavin Gordon
John Sutton
Lenita Lane

The Bat (1959) – Now in Color via TCC AI – Timeless Classics
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47 Replies to “THE BAT (Full Movie) – Vincent Price – Agnes Moorehead – TCC AI Color”

  1. Agnes Morehead was about 58 or 59 in this movie,she was born in 1900,,I thought she was in her 40s,she looks great,cute figure too,she died in 1974 of cancer at 73 years old.

  2. Watched this movie many times, always because of Vincent Price and Agnes Moorehead. I could not watch this upload because of the logos imprinted, also, it works better in black and white. Also loved the original movie circa 1929-1930, and unbelievable for its era, was shot in widescreen, you can watch it here on you tube. It is called, The Bat Whispers. Another version called the bat was remade in the late 30's, maybe the 40's, too lazy to google, lol.

  3. This colorizing program is no good.
    All the color changing clothing is almost like the come-up on shroomies.
    Great movie but this looks really bad.

  4. “The Little Rascals” Darla Hood playing witness Judy Hollander. She grew up to be a very attractive woman. Agnes Moorhead was quite the looker without all her Endora makeup on.

  5. After bingeing on mystery movies for several weeks now, I get so exasperated 😖 when someone goes into a secret room and doesn't prop or jam the door open behind him/her. 🙄😳😲

  6. A fully successful conversion – leaving only a few traces of contrast/color changes. (a night scene moving past bushes) Miss Moorehead looks beautiful in color and her "Sorry Wrong Number" radio show experience useful for this movie. Do you expect AI colorizations to eventually become even smoother and with less color changes on difficult material?

  7. My first time watching it in color. I still prefer the B&W. Color changes the mysterious and spooky element of the movie. Same with I Love Lucy. Color ruins it 😒

  8. OMG I enjoyed this very much. Love love all of the characters and there's no stupid couple romance crap. The girls are very interesting to watch and smart.

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