The Devil’s Inside Us | Hitchcock Presents

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Miracle Healer enthusiast falls deeply in love with his healers daughter, but her father forbids him from marrying her.

Season 7 “The Faith of Aaron Menefee” Dir By Norman Lloyd
Aaron is a garage mechanic who becomes a devotee of a faith healer after he is apparently cured of an ulcer. The healer persuades Aaron to become his chauffeur and he becomes part of the tour. But a questionable man seeks a major healing.

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42 Replies to “The Devil’s Inside Us | Hitchcock Presents”

  1. Someone should've told this proud, overconfident and greedy "healer" that no one can do anything unless God gives the power- all comes from Him. Zechariah 4:6; John 3:27

  2. As a child, Hitchcock scared me to death. I would hear his voice and head for the hills! Now I own everything he's ever done. Books and Movies ; even the silent films. A lot of fun !!

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