21 Replies to “She is sentenced to death 1951 Drama, Detective Claudette Colbert Ann Blyth Robert Douglas Crawford”

  1. Claudette portrayed the perfect nun. I love these thriller films full of suspense! Thank you for posting, I hope more viewers will enjoy this gem!

  2. this is the ONLY time I have liked Claudette Colbert in a film. Such a powerful presence she is in this w/o taking shine away from Ann Blythe and her character's fiancée.

  3. A beautifully done picture with superb acting especially by Claudette Colbert. But all the other cast members were excellent, too. It was the dialogue, the lines throughout that kept me very interested although no tension came until the end. It was beautiful in the way the nuns tended to patients in need with care.
    The last words uttered were, "To be right is a heavenly gift that is wasted unless it is wrapped in humility." That alone made for a great ending in addition to the resolution and revelation of the person of interest in question. Seeing movies like this serves to invite us all to more goodness. At least it did that for me. Many thanks for a meaningful positive solid type of movie, PRETTY BOY!

  4. I have loved "Thunder on The Hill", for a very long time. Give me substance and mystery. Give me a classic " old movie". The truth never gets old.

  5. Great film that I really enjoyed. Thanks so much for uploading — I call that a public service! Love la Colbert in a such an interesting role, with no leading man to play off. And give me the great Gladys Cooper anytime.

  6. Fantastic film! I'd not seen this ?noir? gem before, what a great find!! Thanks for posting this Pretty Boy. It is much appreciated as most of these comments confirms. Thanks again!?

  7. Brilliant film.
    There are many good films beginning on a stormy night – I love the atmosphere and diverse characters sheltering in a convent.
    Two of my favourite actresses – Claudette Colbert and Ann Blyth.
    Thankyou for posting.

  8. Thanks for sharing this great movie! Had never seen it before and thoroughly enjoyed it. I've never been disappointed with anything Claudette Colbert did.

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