Keep Your Powder Dry (1945) Lana Turner, Laraine Day, Susan Peters

Drama, War
Director: Edward Buzzell
Lana Turner … Valerie Parks
Laraine Day … Leigh Rand
Susan Peters … Ann Darrison
Agnes Moorehead … Lieut. Colonel Spottiswoode
Bill Johnson … Captain Bill Barclay
Natalie Schafer …Harriet Corwin
Lee Patrick … Gladys Hopkins
Jess Barker … Junior Vanderheusen
June Lockhart … Sarah Swanson
Marta Linden … Captain Sanders
Tim Murdock … Captain Joseph Mannering
Henry O’Neill … Major General Lee Rand
Mary Lord … Mary
Sondra Rodgers … WAC Hodgekins
Marjorie Davies … WAC Polhemus


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  1. Va-Va-VOOM! But for crying out loud Lana, what kind of dingbat, formulaic movie is this? –The Three Stoogettes Join the Army? You join the Army to become a radio and TV star? It's the female version of "From Here To Eternity". The screenwriters should be shot in front of a firing squad at the end of the movie, just to wrap things up. Didn't they remake this as "Private Benjamin"? Yeah, I'd like to see Lana Turner fix my car. By the way, um, just to mention it, but where's WW II?

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