22 Replies to “A Message to Garcia (1936)”

  1. Many, many thanks for this rarity ! As a huge Barbara Stanwyck, I'm more than delighted to discover every movie of hers and this one was so difficult to find. With true gratitude ^_^

  2. Insomniacs unite. Really, this has to be one of the best things for insomniacs. You Tube that is. Before you know it, hours have benignly gone by. Then you have to one hour to get ready for work.

  3. 56.21, they start brutally beating these innocent creatures.unfortunately that just RUINED this move.one thing about 'classic' movies is there was NO PROTECTION FOR ANY ANIMALS IN FILM,B4 ,i'm guessing 1970-80?

  4. Thank you. I have been listening to that station for double digit years. It used to be really interesting and bizarre; there were shows solely dedicated to people who claim to have moved matter. I did listen to it no more than a year ago & don't remember if Alex Jones was the host. The original show was the bomb. Currently speaking……… Thanks, again

  5. I remember seeing this as a child in the late 50's on "The Early Show" CBS channel 2 in NY. Didn't see it again until a few months ago on TCM. Brought back many fond memories.

  6. I thought I recognized Sgt Dory (Wallace Beery). he played long John silver, damn good job of it too. He was in 56 shorts in 1919. Those would be silent. They still had silent films in 1927.

  7. 46:46 an awakening from sleep unmatched in the annals of filmdom – these are the details that show the devil in acting – good ol wally doing his job well – enjoyed this movie a lot, thanks for uploading

  8. Wallace Berry excelled at playing the dissolute (lovable?) scoundrel … & why not ???… he just portrayed himself ….as Barbara Stanwyck says @ 25:40…"he's (Berry) a thief, a cheat & a murderer"…..life imitating art…….

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