C-Man (1949) DEAN JAGGER

Stars: Dean Jagger, John Carradine and Lottie Elwen
Director: Joseph Lerner
Writer: Berne Giler (screenplay)

A Treasury Department agent is murdered. His best friend, a fellow agent, investigates and stumbles into a scheme involving smuggling and murder.

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25 Replies to “C-Man (1949) DEAN JAGGER”

  1. i like dean jaggers voice but as toupeed hero of 35 he was really closer to 50 is hard to believe and doesnt give the impression that he could fight his way out of a girl scout bake sale.cheesy looking production low budget programmer.

  2. C man of 35 years ? He looks 45, but well of course if he works "24 hours a day" for Uncle Sam, that's not surprising…

    "Fliegende Hollander" yeah right: she's as Dutch, pardon me Hollandish as a 3 dollar bill. In Dutch or Flemish (Northern Belgium) we say VVVVVliegende Hollander, with a V ! And I don't see why a Dutch woman would insist in being called Hollandish, that makes no sense. "Holland" is a part of the Netherlands, the part that was responsible for the largest part of the gross national income. So, indeed not every Dutch man or girl comes from Holland, but I really don't see why someone coming from Holland would be upset if someone mentioned Dutch.

  3. Might be an OK crime drama, but the minute I see the acknowledgment to the Customs Department, the narrative format and portraying any US government agent as a good guy trying to solve crimes instead of committing them, as they do now, I lose interest. Whatever it was in 1949 is ancient history now.  No one operates a sustained criminal enterprise except intelligence and law enforcement agencies in 2015.  It's impossible in an age when they have rewritten the Constitution and have the technology to spy on anyone all the time and everyone much of the time.

  4. He does not seem to be the swiftest of P.I.s….He keeps thinking that he is fooling them while they are 3 steps ahead of him! His women should not feel too safe around him…

  5. Carradine deserved better – who thought up this stinker? Honestly though, I enjoy these old films far more than the stuff put out today, which is a thousand times more flatulent!

  6. Reviewers have assessed this movie in much the same way I was going to.  I will say no more as there are some good reviews already posted. If it is a B or B- it still is one we would rather have seen than anything on the big screen or the tv.
    Pizza Fix, thank you for the C-Man.

  7. NAH NAH, I can't buy Dean Jagger as Dick Powell. This was the same year as Twelve O'Clock High. Next stop Rawhide, then White Christmas!!! I suppose they couldn't get Neville Brand for the sadistic thug? Well, I've certainly see better, but I also saw TRMOBA the TIGER MAN……GADS

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