The Dawn Express (1942) CRIME THRILLER

Stars: Michael Whalen, Anne Nagel, William Bakewell
Director: Albert Herman

A Nazi spy ring is after a U.S. Army formula that increases the power of ordinary gasoline!

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  1. They don't make films like this any more! O.K. Some viewers may say "thank goodness" but nevertheless, at that time, 1942 it probably did a lot for morale. Everything about it was pretty awful but an hour well spent is my opinion. I enjoy the historical aspects, cars, clothes etc and prefer this rubbish to modern day junk which lasts frequently for nearly two hours. Will watch another one very soon.

  2. "fORMULA" isn't just what everyone is trying to steal or protect, it also describes the plot. The actors are not very good and the diialogue is hokey too. The characters (esp. the "Bad Guys") are stereo-typical German/Nazis ("Vee have vays ov making you tauk!) and lots of 'eeevil' glances BUT it all lends to making this a good and enjoyable movie.. There's nothing else to say except, "Golly. This was a swell movie" Thanks for the Upload & for the comments. They are very helpful. Sincerley, L-L

  3. Everybody just remember you would be supporting the allies in the middle of war.  We have all kinds of conventions that are used in movies today that are sorta redickuless also.  Just try to put yourself in the position of a movie goer when this was originally shown.

  4. 29.00 I'm confused – they've all got the same overcoats, hats and hair styles and craggy faces – just different shades of grey – don't know who is who – might have to back track a bit!  :D.

  5. A very out-of-character role for Anne Nagel. But, when WWII began, the very talented, somewhat sexy looking,
    alcoholic actress had no shortage of struggles — with her career and her personal life.
    Her most obscure of all motion pictures was probably "Black Friday" (1940), in which she played a nightclub
    singer by the name of Sunny Rogers — and in which Jack Muhall had only a bit part, as a bartender.

  6. I do enjoy these old propaganda movies designed to keep the slaughter and destruction of WWll going – a war manipulated into being by Churchill, FDR and the Poles. America wanted to destroy the British Empire whereas, pre-war, Hitler offered to help preserve it. He also tried many attempts to negotiate a diplomatic solution with the Poles who were perpetrating atrocities on German civilians who lived there.

    Only when the Poles who were deliberately provoking Germany shelled passenger planes was Hitler compelled to employ military means. Contrary to popular belief (stoked up regularly by Zionists) Hitler did not want war but when it became inevitable he kicked the shit out of the Allies for a good few years until terror bombing roasted hundreds of thousands of civilians to death. Good old Bomber Harris… homicidal maniac and monstrous war criminal.

    'Makes you proud to be British' – as Churchill said on being told that a couple of Parliamentary poofters had been caught shagging on Hampstead Heath in the freezing cold! Not that he gave a shit one way or the other – 'that drunken bum' – FDR called hiim – was too pissed all the time to care. 'Proud to be British?' Jesus Christ!

  7. Anytime I see PRC I know it is going to be worth watching even if it is considered a "B" movie. Those are where they could take chances and really come up with something new. The "A" movies had to play it safe.

  8. The premise of the story is believable but all the other aspects of production were really bad – the screenwriting was bad, acting was terrible which can be blamed also to the bad direction. May not enough budget for location and props as they were reused in the same sequences of the foot chase and the car chase. Reaction shots were badly edited that conversations had gaps and dead air. This movie can be a good subject for discussion though in teaching what not to do.

  9. Poor,poor Tom.Went down in a blaze of glory.This is a wartime propaganda film meant to instill patriotism.The germans were caricatures and most likely meant that way to vilify the nazis.
    The big annoyance for me was the blind guy;he managed to plod along but still got ahead of his victims somehow lol.

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