Double Cross (1941) CRIME DRAMA

Stars: Wynne Gibson, Kane Richmond, John Miljan
Director: Albert H. Kelley
Writers: John A. Albert (original story), Milton Raison (screenplay)

A gambling joint run by Fay Saunders is raided by the police. Fay grabs the pistol of her sweetheart, police officer Steved Bronson, and kills one of the raiding policemen.Steve seizes the gun from her and is riddled by hie fellow officers who think he has turned on them. Steve, on his hospital death-bed tells his friend and fellow officer, Jim Murray, the real story, and Jim sets out to clear Steve’s name.

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21 Replies to “Double Cross (1941) CRIME DRAMA”

  1. wow! faye grabbed steve's, the police officer's, gun and started shooting at the other cops!!..she was a hardcore "ride or die" chick!…!

  2. Thanks for the movie.Different storyline. What a naïve and innocent crime movie compared to today's standards! Tying up only the hands of an ex-cop, taking a "secret" picture with a flash that could light up a room like it was daytime, trusting an ex-cop so quickly, etc.

  3. seriously,, casting a criminal female as qross as the afore mentioned,!,,,,was brilliance! Asking ! what young girl would likely want to use her for a role model BELIEVE IT OR NOT,, there was a time when Hollywood had morals , scruples and used their influences for Good! crooks and evil were not glorified!

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