Bubbling Over (1934) [Comedy]

“Bubbling Over” is a 1934 American musical comedy short film directed by Leigh Jason.

Samson Peabody is the janitor in an apartment building where he and his wife Ethel live with a large crowd of Samson’s freeloading relatives. When more relatives come to stay, Ethel throws them out. A scheming occupant of the building reads Samson’s mail and poses as a clairvoyant prediciting the events of the letter; the arrival of Samson’s rich Uncle for dinner. However, the Uncle is a penniless lunatic (imagining himself to be The Emperor Jones) and a pickpocket. He steals the chicken of the dinner, several watches of the guests, the clairvoyant’s crystal ball and in the final scene, all the clothes of the people in the room.

Directed by Leigh Jason, produced by Meyer Davis (associate producer) and Monroe Shaff (producer), written by Burnet Hershey, starring Ethel Waters as Ethel Peabody, Southernaires Quartet as Some Relatives, Hamtree Harrington as Presbee Peabody and Frank L. Wilson as Swami River.

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