Lon Chaney Jr in THE SHADOW OF SILK LENNOX (1935) Full Movie

Lon Chaney Jr plays a gangster, John “Silk” Lennox, who is trying to play it straight running a nightclub. Silk is doing a bit of the old work on the side and is forced to kill a henchman when he tries to run off with his latest cache of loot.

This is one of the many early “Creighton Chaney” films that were re-badged “Lon Chaney Jr” when he became a star. Directed by Ray Kirkwood.


Unforgotten Crime (1942) FULL MOVIE

Stars Dennis O’Keefe, Ruth Terry and Gloria Dickson.

An advertising man, who sponsors a radio program based on the exploits of an old time safe cracker decides to promote a competition to find the real safe cracker, Jimmy Valentine. Valentine is tracked to a small town, but which of the respectable elderly residents is the former criminal?

Re-release version of the 1942 Republic programmer “The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine”. Originally a 72 min feature it was condensed to 53 Minutes for re-release in the early 50s. Neither the original version or the edit (both containing 1942 copyright notices) were renewed and entered the public domain in 1970.