Roger Corman | War of the Satellites 1958 (Thriller, Sci-Fi) Colorized Movie

Extraterrestrials manipulate a human scientist to sabotage U.S. space exploration, while an “unknown force” declares war on Earth after the United Nations defies warnings to halt its attempts to launch the first satellite into space.

Original title: War of the Satellites (1958)

Black & White version:

Director: Roger Corman
Writers: Irving Block, Lawrence L. Goldman
Stars: Dick Miller, Susan Cabot, Richard Devon
Genre: Colorized classics, Cult Film, Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi, Adventure
Budget: $70,000

00:00 Full Movie
01:39 Intergalactic conflict unfolds as scientists battle satellite threat.
07:23 Alien message disrupts Earth’s space program, leading to a volunteer mission to investigate.
10:35 Interstellar mission faces unexpected challenges and political intrigue.
17:24 Alien invasion threat leads to urgent decision-making and potential sacrifice.
20:48 Intense debate at a crucial meeting regarding Project Sigma, with a focus on survival and resistance against alien control.
24:05 Space mission faces urgent challenges and personnel conflicts.
31:26 Intense space mission faces sabotage, AI threat, and ethical dilemma.
41:26 Space mission faces unexpected challenges, leading to a tragic loss and suspicion among crew members.
44:56 Space mission faces identity crisis as crew suspects alien infiltration.
52:25 Intriguing sci-fi thriller involving a space mission, a mysterious threat, and a dramatic escape.
59:36 Space mission to stop satellite explosion and protect Earth.


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33 Replies to “Roger Corman | War of the Satellites 1958 (Thriller, Sci-Fi) Colorized Movie”

  1. So cool to see Dick Miller playing a normal human being! All the times I've seen him before, he's always playing the loudmouth, brash working-class dude. Kind of weird to see him acting and speaking normally.

  2. At the end it looked like one of the planets was hanging by a string; probably just some kind of weird astronomical phenomenon.

  3. Whenever I have trouble falling asleep I put on old these old sci-fi movies from 50-60s. I don't know why but they are very calming to me and it works within an hour. The first half you think about what is wrong (i.e. gravity) and then it doesn't matter because you are asleep by the second half. I saw some and loved some 60's plus movies especially when Star Trek would air just after church on Sunday. 7 siblings including my self would buy ice cream and race home and watch Kirk and the gang on their exploits as they were telecast for the first time every week.

  4. Interesting plot with awful acting lol. At least Corman tried to work with bad dialog and wooden actors, and some of the music sounds like it was written for a Tarzan film. This one would be better if you were at a drive-in with your sweetie. At least no monsters in rubber suits, thank God!

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