EARTH VS THE FLYING SAUCERS 1956 COLORIZED Classic 50s Sci-Fi, Hugh Marlowe, Joan Taylor, Full Movie

Extraterrestrials traveling in high-tech flying saucers contact a scientist as part of a plan to enslave the inhabitants of Earth. Stars: Hugh Marlowe, Joan Taylor, Donald Curtis. Earth vs. the Flying Saucers (a.k.a. Invasion of the Flying Saucers and Flying Saucers from Outer Space) is a 1956 American horror science fiction film from Columbia Pictures, produced by Charles H. Schneer, directed by Fred F. Sears, that stars Hugh Marlowe and Joan Taylor. Earth vs. the Flying Saucers was released as a double feature with The Werewolf.

The film’s storyline was suggested by the bestselling, 1953 non-fiction book Flying Saucers from Outer Space by Maj. Donald Keyhoe.

The film’s stop-motion animation special effects were created by Ray Harryhausen.

Hugh Marlowe as Dr. Russell A. Marvin
Joan Taylor as Carol Marvin
Donald Curtis as Major Huglin
Morris Ankrum as Brig. Gen. John Hanley
John Zaremba as Prof. Kanter
Thomas Browne Henry as Vice-Admiral Enright
Grandon Rhodes as General Edmunds
Larry J. Blake as the motorcycle policeman
Charles Evans as Dr. Alberts
Harry Lauter as Cutting, Kanter’s technician
Paul Frees as Aliens (uncredited voice)


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  1. Such a classic film…some of it was goofy, of course, but the Harryhausen spaceships scared the bejesus out of me as a youngster. I was 3 years old when this was released but by age 7, I was watching this on TV every time it was on. This movie along with The Day the Earth Stood Still will always be my fave classics.????

  2. This movie was great … so cheesy, like Swiss cheese with all the plot holes. Color print was great, special effects not bad especially when the saucers were attacking

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